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Graduate students in the Horticultural Crops Pathology Laboratory conduct advanced applied research and exchange newly obtained knowledge in both the classroom and the agriculture and research communities. Graduate-level projects in the lab focus on sustainable and economical disease management strategies to improve plant health and safety. A strong emphasis is placed on developing science-based outreach programs that benefit the producer and consumer.

To inquire about graduate student opportunities in the Horticultural Crops Pathology Laboratory, contact Dr. Melanie Lewis Ivey.  Apply online now!

Currently, Dr. Lewis Ivey co-teaches two graduate-level courses in the Department of Plant Pathology and Crop Physiology. Both courses are offered during the spring semester.

Plant Disease Management and Control (PLHL 4001)

The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the basic principles and concepts of plant disease management and to reinforce these concepts with practical examples. The course includes a laboratory session that will focus on improving students' skills in knowledge translation and extension outreach communication. The course is suitable for graduate students in Plant Pathology & Crop Physiology, Entomology, Plant, Environmental & Soil Sciences and Landscape Architecture, who wish to take a single graduate course that covers the practical aspects of plant disease management.

Practicum in Plant Pathology – Laboratory Techniques in Plant Pathology (PLHL 8800)

This is a laboratory- and field-intensive course that emphasizes the principles and techniques used to collect, grow, identify, store and conduct research on plant pathogens. It encompasses classical and molecular methods used in bacteriology, virology, nematology and mycology. Field trips will provide opportunities for the study of field-level diagnostic practices. 

Formal laboratory or field sessions will be held once a week for 4 hours.  Students will be required to work additional hours outside of scheduled practicum hours in order to fulfill course requirements.

  • Course offered – Spring semester (day and time TBA)
  • Credit hours – 2
  • Prerequisites – Phytobacteriology (PLHL7011), Plant Virology (PLHL7040), Phytonematology (PLHL7000) AND Introductory Mycology (PLHL4050).

Graduate Studies Resources

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PPCP Degree Requirements (Masters Degree, PhD Degree)
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