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The Office of Organizational Development & Evaluation (ODE) assists LSU AgCenter professionals in:

  • Understanding and utilizing sound programming principles to plan, implement and evaluate educational programs
  • Developing and improving subject-matter and process knowledge and skills needed for effective programming
  • Engaging in teaching, research, and scholarly and professional interests for personal and organization benefit.

ODE provides resources, education, coaching and guidance, and support across three areas of extension work: reporting, professional development, and evaluation.

Within each of these areas, we focus on the individual extension professional and their personal career goals, the organization and its capacity for growth and success, and our internal and external audiences and how we can best meet their needs with the programs and products we offer.

Faculty & Staff

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Dr. Meggan Franks
Manager of Reporting & Program Impact
LSU AgCenter
102G Efferson Hall
Baton Rouge, LA. 70803


Lisa R. Arcemont
Instructor, Department of Agricultural and
Extension Education & Evaluation
133 J.C. Miller Hall
Baton Rouge, LA 70803

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