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Consumer Testing - Uses pre-screened local consumers to help you gather important information about your product. We offer testing in our sensory lab or off-site testing. We screen potential consumers based on your requirements, and select those who meet specific qualifications. Examples of the types of testing available using our database include:

  • Preference Tests
  • Acceptance Tests
  • Preliminary Market Potential Tests
  • Product Comparison Tests
  • Concept/Category appraisal
  • Internal and external preference mapping
  • Product Optimization
  • Shelf life
Difference Testing using trained and untrained panelists
  • Overall product difference tests
  • Specific attribute difference tests
Descriptive TestingCOMING SOON – A group of highly trained panelists can provide a detailed profile of product characteristics based on texture, flavor, aroma and appearance. Examples of applications using descriptive panels include:
  • Product development testing
  • Competitive product comparison
  • Quality control monitoring
  • Product fingerprinting
  • Shelf life
Focus Groups & Interviews
We are also equipped to provide you with detailed feedback on your product based on consumer focus groups. Our labs are equipped with an observation room and recording equipment.

Shelf Life – Use either trained or untrained panels to determine shelf life of product

Analytical Testing
  • Water Activity
  • Texture Analyzer
  • pH
  • Color
  • Viscosity
  • E-tongue


Because of the variables in designing a consumer test (type of test desired, number of panelists, number of samples), cost is dependent on all of these factors. Testing costs vary depending on the type of test and number of products. Please contact us to get an estimated quote for your work.

For example:
  • A test with 1-2 products and 75-100 consumers would cost $3,500.
  • A test with 3 products and 75-100 consumers would cost $5,000.
  • A test with 4 products and 75-100 consumers would cost $6,500.
  • A test with 5 products and 75-100 consumers would cost $8,000.

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