Services Provided

The food incubator facility layout includes a Shared-Use Processing Area/kitchen and a Resource Center for assistance in starting a new food business.

The Shared-Use Processing Area-enables a broad range of value-added agricultural and food products to be produced such as fresh-cut vegetables and fruits, jams, jellies, soups, sauces, beverages, pies, cakes, breads, seasoning blends, entrees, side dishes, etc. The incubator offers the equipment to successfully prepare, bottle and package food products for the wholesale market.

Sensory Services Lab -- Sensory evaluation services are available to food companies by request.

Microbiology Laboratory -–The LSU AgCenter Microbiology Laboratory conducts analysis of finished products, raw materials and environmental areas for routine required testing, and assists in the training of clients regarding sanitary practices. Shelf life studies, at different storage temperatures, are conducted for client products and quantify the impacts of preservation technologies that are utilized.

Analytical Laboratory – The LSU AgCenter Food Science Laboratory performs routine food chemistry testing, including analysis for pH, titratable acidity, salt content, solids content, brix, colorimetry and other methods deemed helpful to clients. In addition, this lab conducts nutrition analysis testing and provides guidance to clients.

Training and Education Conference Room – The Training and Education Area will be outfitted with internet capabilities and a conference room for meetings and is available for our food tenants' use. This enables our tenants to have meetings or tastings in a professional environment.

Resource Center and Library – The library is a resource to staff and clients alike, providing access to extensive business and technical information. In addition, computer workstations will be available enable client research and access to the LSU AgCenter Food Incubator.

Administrative Support Area and Client and Staff Offices – The LSU AgCenter Food Incubator will provide office areas that are rented inexpensively to clients. This way, clients have the option to move both their processing and administrative functions into the center’s facility if desired. Clients will be provided with furniture and internet access.

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