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Does the Food Incubator offer other services?

Yes! We offer shelf life studies and nutritional panels. We also accept special consulting projects such as all-natural formulations, improving flavor profiles and extending shelf life. Please contact Gaye Sandoz for additional information.

How do I become a Food Incubator tenant?

The first step is to attend one of our quarterly informational meetings. Check our website or email Gaye Sandoz for information. A $100 non-refundable administration fee is required to hold your spot with the incubator and begin the process of setting up your business. There is a $200 application fee once you are ready to become a tenant and start producing.

What is the fee structure?

In addition to the administration and application fees, tenants pay an hourly kitchen rental fee and monthly storage fees. Additional project and consulting fees are negotiated based on individual project needs.

What sets the Food Incubator apart from other rental kitchens?

As part of the LSU AgCenter, our mission is to improve the lives and economic well-being of the people of Louisiana. At the Food Incubator, we do this by providing a fully equipped, licensed and affordable place for emerging food entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses. Our staff provides evidence-based assistance on all aspects of production, including ingredient sourcing, production, packaging and marketing. We work closely with the School of Nutrition and Food Science, which provides expertise in a variety of areas, including food safety, microbiology and sensory analysis. Our consulting team has many years in food product development and will be happy to provide networking connections.

What types of products are made at the Food Incubator?

Our tenants produce a variety of products, including salad dressing, marinade, BBQ sauce, pickles, gelato, marinara, frozen seafood and candy!

Will the Food Incubator make my company successful?

We are happy to provide guidance on pricing, distribution, marketing and promotions, but the ultimate success of a food business is up to the entrepreneurs.

How many tenants are at the Food Incubator?

We have between 15-20 tenants at any time. This allows us to provide individualized attention to our tenants during the crucial start-up phase. New tenants are accepted on a rolling basis as space allows.

1/10/2022 5:11:21 PM
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