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Gaye Sandoz

Gaye Sandoz, Director for the LSU AgCenter Food Incubator, has over 35 years in the food business in all areas from food product development and institutional food service management to catering and is a self-taught chef. Ms. Sandoz graduated with a B.S. degree in nutrition and completed graduate work at LSU and University of Mississippi, studying Institutional Food Service Management. Her expertise and experience for the past 15 years have been largely with new food product development, business development and marketing with small and medium-size food businesses. Gaye owns Clever Kitchen and sells her invention the “Microwave BBQ Chicken Roaster” on QVC.

Please direct all inquiries, of any nature, about the Food Incubator to Gaye Sandoz.

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Gaye Sandoz

Phone: (225) 578-7213

E-mail: gsandoz@agcenter.lsu.edu

Dr. Luis Espinoza

LSU AgCenter Food Incubator Manager and Technical Services

149 Clyde Ingram Hall
office 225.578.3713

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LSU AgCenter Food Incubator
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LSU AgCenter Food Incubator
Attention: Gaye Sandoz
Norman J Efferson Hall
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Phone: 225-578-0853

For business planning, contact: Charlie D’Agostino , Executive Director, LBTC Louisiana Business and Technology Center - 2005 National Incubator of the Year

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