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The Department of Experimental Statistics is the principal source of statistical education, research, and service at Louisiana State University and the Louisiana State University AgCenter. The Department is unique in its strong orientation toward the application of statistics, and faculty provide expert statistical support for the University community in diverse ways:

  • teach undergraduate and graduate courses in statistics to the University community.
  • provide statistical consulting support to faculty and student research projects.
  • serve on graduate committees in other departments.
  • collaborate on interdisciplinary research projects with faculty from a wide variety of departments, schools, and colleges.
  • supervise graduate students in applied statistics.
  • conduct their own independent research programs including projects funded through external grants and contracts.
  • Administratively, the Department of Experimental Statistics is located within the College of Agriculture and the Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Station, which is part of the LSU AgCenter.

Academically, the Department offers both thesis and non-thesis programs leading to the degree of Master of Applied Statistics (M.Ap.Stat.). These programs prepare students to apply sound statistical methodology to the solution of quantitative problems from many subject areas. An intensive orientation to statistical consulting is provided through practicum courses. For more information on degree programs, use the following links:

Graduate degrees
Undergraduate minor

For additional information about the Department, contact:

James P. Geaghan, Professor and Head
161 M. D. Woodin Hall
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, US 70803
Phone: (225) 578-8303
FAX: (225) 578-8344


Brian D. Marx, Professor and Graduate Advisor
141 M. D. Woodin Hall
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, US 70803
Phone: (225) 578-8303
FAX: (225) 578-8344

9/11/2009 1:42:22 AM
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