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Director wanted.

The Department of Entomology is currently advertising for an Assistant/Associate Professor - Insect Systematics position. This person would also be the new Director of the Louisiana State Arthropod Museum.

Victoria Moseley Bayless – LSAM Curator

  • Maintains and organizes department collections, including ancillary collections (e.g., photographs, field notes, teaching & library materials)
  • Supervises and assists technicians, student interns and volunteers.
  • Develops and maintains all Museum collections, including computer database record-keeping, photography, and archiving records.
  • Manages use of and access to LSAM collections
  • Advances the LSAM’s strategic plan for digital assets management.
  • Communicates and interacts with both intra- and extramural public engagement activities.
  • Maintains a working knowledge of systematics and develops taxonomic expertise concerning insects and arachnids in general.
  • Oversees the preparation, identification, labeling and integration of new specimens into the collection.
  • Maintains departmental collection policy and protocol documents which may include initial creation of documents and regular updating.
  • May participate in field expeditions aimed at generating relevant collections for the LSAM.
  • Assists visiting scientists, other visitors and the general public with inquiries and arranges and/or leads tours of the LSAM.
  • Assists with writing grant proposals that pertain to the LSAM.
  • Oversees the purchasing of equipment, lab facilities and supplies for collections, and the maintenance of related records.
  • Serves as the insect diagnostician for the state

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Phone number: 225-578-1838

Dr. Chris Carlton – Professor Emeritus

Chris Carlton is engaged in a number of taxonomic projects involving the beetle family Staphylinidae. He is also assisting with curation of the staphylinid collection in the LSAM, which contains the largest number of specimens of any family in the collection. His work as an entomology diagnostician for the department provides new specimens and requires frequent comparisons with museum specimens for identifications and diagnostic assessments.

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