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The subtropical climate and diversity of natural and managed ecosystems in Louisiana provide entomologists with a wealth of arthropod-related issues to address. The present-day department of Entomology at Louisiana State University was established over 50 years ago and boasts a rich history of well-regarded programs of research, instruction, and extension/outreach. The mission of these programs is to provide transformative and sustainable solutions for the entomological problems facing Louisiana and the world by generating new knowledge, transferring this knowledge to the stakeholders who benefit from it, and training the next generation of entomologists. The activities of the Department contribute to the scientific literature, reduce losses to crops from arthropod pests, protect people and animals from vector-borne diseases, mitigate the effects of urban pests on human health and structures, and increase public awareness of the cultural and economic importance of insects. The issues addressed by the Department are relevant not only to the citizens of Louisiana but also to citizens of other states and other countries with similar problems. Currently, the LSU Department of Entomology comprises 14 on-campus faculty, three faculty based at branch stations with partial appointments in the Department, three office staff, approximately 35-40 graduate students, and approximately 15 research support staff. the department offers both MS and PhD programs; over the past five years, these programs have graduated an average of approximately six and three students per year, respectively. The Department does not currently offer an undergraduate (baccalaureate) degree program, but the School of Plant, Environmental, and Soil Science (SPESS) administers “Agricultural pest management” and “Urban Entomology” concentrations under its Plant and Soils Systemscurriculum that are appropriate for students interested in entomology. Entomology faculty teach courses for this concentration and for other concentrations administered by SPESS. Entomology faculty also teach a freshman-level, General Education course in the College ofAgriculture as well as an online course and courses in the Honors College. Recently, the Dean of the College of Agriculture has directed the Departments of Entomology and Plant Pathology to jointly develop a “Plant Health Management” curriculum that will offer a B.S. degree and anon-thesis M.S. degree.

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