Masters in Sugar Engineering

Angela Singleton, Hall, Steven G.

The BAE department offers a Master’s in Biological and Agricultural Engineering for sugar engineering in collaboration with the Audubon Sugar Institute. This degree is targeted at people who have a bachelor’s degree in a related field and wish to gain some specific sugar processing expertise through further study.

The master’s degree is a thesis option only, and the academic requirement is 24 credit hours of course work in a nominally 21-month program. The course requirements include the following courses:

  • 4342 Sugar Process Engineering (3) Prereq.: EE 2950, CE 2200 or ME 3834 or CHE 3101, ME 2334 or 3333 or CHE 3172. Processes used in the manufacture of raw and refined sugar; application of scientific and engineering principles to unit operations of evaporation, crystallization, extraction, solids handling and drying, centrifuging, clarification, and steam and power generation.
  • 4347 Sugar Factory Design (3) Prereq.: credit or registration on BE 4342. 2 hrs lecture; 3 hrs lab.  P and I diagrams for sugar processes and instrumentation/control strategies; detailed process design of heat transfer equipment, fluid flow systems including non-Newtonian flow, prime mover requirements, steam and power use, and reticulation, materials handling systems, utility systems, and materials of construction.

Thesis research (6 credit hours) shall be related to a relevant sugar-processing topic. Students will also be encouraged to take on a research assistantship in the Audubon Sugar Institute for the duration of his course.  At ASI the students will be given a maximum exposure to sugar processing at every opportunity.

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