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The Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering of Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is seeking graduate students to pursue Master of Science degrees in Biological and Agricultural Engineering or Ph.D. degrees in an interdisciplinary program in Engineering Science with research in Biological and Agricultural Engineering. Graduate assistantships may be offered to qualifying applicants.

Graduate Research projects may be in the following specialties:

Bioenvironmental Engineering: animal waste management, water quality, subsurface water management, hydrology, and irrigation

Bioprocessing Engineering and Bioenergy: value-added processing, and byproducts utilization of Louisiana commodities

Biosensors and Instrumentation: sensing and measurement systems for site-specific farming, animal and biological systems

Biomechanical Engineering: mechanization and mechanical systems for human and biological systems

Biotechnology/Bioengineering and Nanotechnology: molecular and cellular engineering, nano-sized drug delivery

Assistantship Duties and Responsibilities:

Duties and responsibilities of a research assistant will include conducting research under the direction of a departmental faculty member while working towards an advanced degree in the Biological and Agricultural Engineering department, and may include assisting with teaching labs and grading papers.


Applicant should have a B.S. degree from an ABET accredited program in biological engineering, agricultural engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, biomechanics engineering, aquacultural engineering or related engineering discipline. Applicants with a Masters degree may also apply for the Ph.D. program. GRE scores are required for all applicants and TOEFL scores are required for students from International schools and whose native language is not English.


The assistantship pay starts at $17,000 for M.S. / $19,000 for Ph.D. per fiscal year for students with a B.S. Higher stipends from the department and supplemental stipends from the Graduate School are also available to students with high GRE scores and GPA.

Application Deadlines:

March 15th and October 15th


An LSU Graduate School application is required. Initial contact should be made with the department at the following address. Faculty members may also be contacted. A resume, transcript and a list of three references are required:

Dr. Steven Hall, Graduate Advisor
Biological and Agricultural Engineering Department
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70803-4505

Bioenvironmental Engineering:

Dr. Richard L. Bengtson:
Dr. W. David Constant:
Dr. Ron Sheffield:
Dr. Steven G. Hall:

Bioprocessing Engineering and Bioenergy:

Dr. Dorin Boldor:
Dr. Marybeth Lima:
Dr. Cristina M. Sabliov:
Dr. Sathivel Subramaniam:
Dr. Chandra Theegala:
Dr. Vadim Kochergin:


Dr. Steven G. Hall:
Dr. Chandra Theegala:
Dr. W. Todd Monroe:

Biomechanical Engineering:

Dr. W. Todd Monroe:


Dr. Dan Hayes:
Dr. W. Todd Monroe:
Dr. Cristina M. Sabliov:

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