Introduction to Sugar Boiling

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You should attend if:

  • You have no (or limited) sugar-boiling experience
  • You want to gain an understanding of the principles involved
  • You want to learn how to boil on a pilot-scale vacuum pan

You can expect to:

  • Learn background on sugar crystallization
  • Get an understanding of how a pan works
  • Learn how to concentrate syrup to supersaturation
  • Seed and grow a sugar strike
  • Gain a practical grasp of sugar boiling

Content you can count on:

  • An overview of sugar boiling
  • Effects of steam, vacuum, purity on sugar boiling
  • Hands-on boiling using our pilot-scale pan

Experts you'll hear from:

Dr. Harold Birkett
S. Lenn Goudeau

Course Date:


Location (Map & Directions):

9/20/2017 4:03:43 PM
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