Ethanol Production in a Cane Factory

You should attend if:

  • You need a basic understanding of ethanol manufacturing.
  • You want an update on technology developments in Brazil.
  • You are a sugar mill operator and wish to understand what opportunities exist in a cane sugar mill.
  • You need to know the basic parameters influencing the economics of ethanol production.

You can expect to:

  • Get updated on how ethanol is made in Brazil and elsewhere.
  • Gain a fundamental understanding of how ethanol production fits into a cane sugar mill.
  • Identify the factors, including feedstock cost and quality, energy and operations, which influence the economics.
  • Study process flowsheets for ethanol manufacture.
  • Identify trends in the technology of ethanol production.

Content you can count on:

  • Development of ethanol production in sugar mills.
  • Factors influencing relative production of sugar and ethanol in Brazil.
  • Opportunities for ethanol production in a sugar mill.
  • Possible feedstocks for fermentation.
  • Basic fermentation technology.
  • Factors affecting ethanol yields.
  • Equipment used in producing ethanol.
  • Production of potable alcohol.
  • Dehydration of ethanol for fuel use.
  • Requirements for handling and blending ethanol as a gasoline extender.
  • Factors influencing the economics of production.

Experts you'll hear from:

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Course date to be announced.

8/15/2019 7:52:04 PM
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