The LSU Library has made the Sugar Bulletin and the Journal of the ASSCT (American Society of Sugar Cane Technologists) available via the links below:

The following links are to websites of various organizations related to sugar processing technology. You may close the page to come back to this list.

ASSCT is interested in the general study of the sugar cane industry in the United States and the dissemination of information to members of the organization through meetings and publications.

The AMSCL is dedicated to supporting the Louisiana sugar industry through research, legislation, education and public relations.

To lead basic research in chemistry and physical chemistry of sugars in aqueous medium and cover such areas as structure-activity relations, solute-solvent interactions and the problems posed by crystallization. To apply the information derived from the physical and chemical studies to the understanding of practical problems. To serve as a data-base on subjects like sweeteners, water activity, viscosity, sensory analysis or sugar crystallization.

ISSCT is committed to the economic and sustainable advancement of the sugar cane industries of the world and associated communities, through promoting innovative research, development and the adoption of technology, and by sharing the knowledge among its members for their professional development.

To serve the professional interests of its members by dissemination of scientific and other technical aspects of sugar refining at an Annual Technical Meeting.

SKIL is the world's leading independent sugar technology organization.

SPRI is an independent non-profit research institute supported by its international members who are sugarcane and sugar beet processors, sugar refineries, suppliers to the sugar industry and companies that use sugar or sugar by-products.

This web site is filled with resources for the sugar engineer: design guides, useful data, tables, formulas, news, and links.

The Sugar Journal, founded in 1938, is a monthly technical publication that is distributed to an international audience in the sugar industry. Articles cover global trends in the production, processing, and refining of cane, beet, and corn, and are authored by respected authorities.

Recommended Books for Stakeholders

  • Rott, Philippe (ed). (2018). Achieving sustainable cultivation of sugarcane. Vol. 1: Cultivation techniques, quality and sustainability. Burleigh Dodds, Cambridge, UK.

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