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Our Flavors


A scoop of Tigerbite Ice Cream

A delicious combination of blueberries and rich golden vanilla brings out the colors of our Alma Mater, Purple and Gold.


A scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream

Our take on the classic flavor brings the rich taste of vanilla bean in a smooth and delicate consistency for your enjoyment.


A scoop of Chocolate Ice Cream

A rich and exuberant flavor of chocolate with the same delectable taste to bring you a great treat for a chocolate lover.

Cookies n' Creme

A scoop of Cookies and Cream Ice Cream

Our contribution to the classic ice cream flavor. Combing a delectable treat of vanilla with crushed chocolate sandwich cookies.

Cherry Jubilee

A scoop of Cherry Jubilee Ice Cream

The combination of our classic chocolate combined with fresh cherries create a dichotomy of richness with cherry tartness.


A scoop of Strawberry Ice Cream

Using fresh cut strawberries we bring to you a sweet fruity treat in combination with our heavenly strawberry base for your enjoyment.

Mint Chocolate Chip

A scoop of Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

A refreshing combination of cool mint and rich chocolate chips brings to you a exquisite pairing of two complementary flavors.

Choc. Cookies n' Creme

A scoop of Chocolate Cookies and Cream Ice Cream

For the chocolate lovers, this flavor has crushed chocolate sandwich with a chocolate base.

Chocolate Chip

A scoop of Vanilla Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Chocolate chip brings to you a unification of our rich vanilla flavor in tandem with delectable chocolate chips.

English Toffee

A scoop of English Toffee Ice Cream

A delightful union of toffee chips, caramel drizzle, and vanilla ice cream offers you a treat that you cannot resist.

Rum Raisin

A scoop of Rum Raisin Ice Cream

Don't let the name fool you, our Rum Raisin, only contains rum flavoring and of course, chewy sweet raisins.

Mint Cookies n' Creme

A scoop of Mint Cookies n' Cream Ice Cream

Love Mint Chocolate Chip but find you also love Cookie n' Creme? This is the flavor for you.


A scoop of Peach Ice Cream

Chunks of fresh peaches mixed with our with peach ice cream.

Double Chocolate

A scoop of Double Chocolate Ice Cream

Our chocolate ice cream base partnered with rich chocolate chips.

Cookie Dough

A scoop of Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Rich vanilla ice cream with chunks of delicious edible cookie dough.


Tigerbite ice cream cone in front of Dairy Store

Ice Cream

Scoop(3oz): $2.00

Single: $10.40(lb)

Cone: $0.40

Half Gallon: $7.15

3 Gallons: $50.00

Shakes: $5.50

Java Blast Shake: $5.50

a stack of two half gallon containers of ice cream

Ice Queen: $5.50


Cereal: $1.65

Candy: $1.30

Chips: $1.95

Poptart: $1.70

Oatmeal: $3.25

Sausage/Boudin: $6.50


Cheese: $7.50

Eggnogg: $5.20

someone mixing a shake with a shake mixerBeverages

Hot Tea: $0.90

Bottle: $1.50

Can: $0.70

Juice: $1.25

Powerade: $2.00

Water-SM: $1.00

Water-LG: $2.00

person pouring coffee into a styrofoam cup

Small: $1.00

Medium: $1.35

Large: $1.65

Cafe Mocha

Small: $2.12

Medium: $3.18

Large: $3.70

Cafe Aulait

Small: $1.55

Medium: $2.30

Large: $2.80


& Latte

Small: $2.21

Medium: $1.35

Large: $1.65



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Saturday - Sunday Closed


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