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Our Mission

The primary mission of the Dairy Store is to provide teaching and training to students. The Dairy Store is used as a training tool to simulate the work of a full-scale commercial dairy processing plant in which our students will one day be involved. The Dairy Store is also used as a tool in accomplishing LSU AgCenter research projects involving various dairy and food product applications.

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Tigerbite ice cream cone in front of Dairy Store

Ice CreamFlavors (Link)

Scoop(3oz): $2.00

Single: $10.40(lb)

Cone: $0.40

Half Gallon: $7.15

3 Gallons: $50.00

Shakes: $5.50

Java Blast Shake: $5.50

Ice Queen: $5.50


About our Meats:

Our meat comes from our Farms right here on LSU's Campus! The animals are raised by our faculty and students to teach them vital skills that involve animal raising, sustainability, and research for the LSU Campus.

Package of pork.

Beef: Varies

Pork: Varies

Lamb: Varies

Goat: Varies


Cereal: $1.65

Candy: $1.30

Chips: $1.95

Poptart: $1.70

Oatmeal: $3.25

Sausage/Boudin: $6.50


Cheese: $7.50

Eggnogg: $5.20

someone mixing a shake with a shake mixerBeverages

Hot Tea: $0.90

Bottle: $1.50

Can: $0.70

Juice: $1.25

Powerade: $2.00

Water-SM: $1.00

Water-LG: $2.00

Person pouring coffee into a styrofoam cup

Small: $1.00

Medium: $1.35

Large: $1.65

Cafe Mocha

Small: $2.12

Medium: $3.18

Large: $3.70

Cafe Aulait

Small: $1.55

Medium: $2.30

Large: $2.80


& Latte

Small: $2.21

Medium: $1.35

Large: $1.65


Fall and Spring Semester Hours

Monday - Friday 10:00AM - 5:00PM
Saturday - Sunday Closed

Summer Semester Hours

Monday - Friday 11:00AM - 4:00PM
Saturday - Sunday Closed


118 S Campus Dr., Baton Rouge, LA 70803

Contact Info

Phone: (225) 578-4392

“Provide Website Feedback” – www.lsu.edu/feedback

“Accessibility Statement” – www.lsu.edu/accessibility

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