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All pet food companies that sell products in Louisiana are registered by the Administrative Section of the Department of Agricultural Chemistry. Inspectors for the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry collect Official Pet Food Samples and submit them to the Agricultural Chemistry laboratory for analysis to ensure accurate ingredient content.

Pet food samples received are prepared as necessary by drying, grinding and splitting into portions for analysis in the sample prep laboratory.

Analyses performed on Pet Foods include:

(analyzed using AOAC methods when available)
Fat & Fiber determination begins with acid hydrolysis by the ANKOM HCl Hydrolysis System Unit
Fat (%) content is analyzed using ANKOM  XT15 Extraction System
Fiber (%) content is analyzed using ANKOM and/or Lab-Conco digester
Protein (%) content is analyzed using Kjeldahl methods.
Tecator 2020 Block digester, Bran-Luebbe Auto analyzer and/or Combusion Unit

Results for Official Pet Food Samples are reported by the Administrative Section. Those pet foods found deficient are subject to fines according to state law.

The Administrative Section maintains records of results, tracks payments for fines, maintains a mailing list of manufacturers and answers questions regarding Official Pet Food Samples. Annual reports of Official Pet Food Samples as well as tonnage records are published by the Administrative Section. The Administrative Section prepares information for hearings of the Feed Commission and maintains records of their meetings

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