Microbiology Samples

Microbiology samples being processed by the Agricultural Chemistry lab.

Analyses performed by the Microbiology Section include mycotoxins, pathogenic bacteria and gentamicin in turkey dip solutions. Other analyses may be performed based on department head approval and available resources.


Aflatoxin in corn, cottonseed, feeds, pet foods, etc. determined by HPLC/Fluorescence.

Fumonisin in corn and feeds determined by Vicam Fumonisin Test.

Pathogenic Bacteria:

Salmonella species in food, water, feeds, etc.
Listeria in food and water
E. coli 0157:H7 in food and water


Gentamicin in turkey dip solutions by HPLC/UV

Please contact the department head or microbiology contact person for information on specific research capabilities/projects.

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