Random samples are taken on a monthly basis from each meat processing plant inspected by state and federal inspectors. Processed meat and poultry samples are collected by Louisiana Department of Agriculture & Forestry inspectors and are received and analyzed by the Agricultural Meat Program Coordinator under the Louisiana Meat Inspection Program. The Meat Lab is a USDA-FSIS-accredited laboratory program for protein, moisture, fat and salt.

Samples are prepared for analysis by grinding using a Hobart Grinder or the Robot Coupe Food Processor.

Analyses performed on Meat Samples include:

Protein: Tecator 2020 Digester, Seal Auto Analyzer
Fat: Soxtec 2050 Extraction Unit
Salt: Metrohm Brinkman Titralyzer
Moisture: Gallenkamp Convection Oven, Mettler PM480 Balance
Nitrites: Spec 20
Soya Flour, Cereal: Centrifuge

Results for Official Meat Samples are reported by the Administrative Section. The Meat Program Director is notified of deficient results. The area supervisor then takes appropriate action, including relabeling the product, reworking the product, recalling product or holding the product until further sampling is conducted.

The Meat Lab participates in a USDA-sponsored check sample program on a monthly basis and the Webb Technical Labs check sample program three times a month. This is part of the QA/QC necessary to maintain accreditation.

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