All lime companies that sell products in Louisiana are registered by the Administrative Section of the Department of Agricultural Chemistry. Inspectors for the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry collect Official Lime Samples and submit them to the Agricultural Chemistry laboratory for analysis to ensure their neutralizing value and particle size as required by state law. Miscellaneous Lime Samples are also submitted by private clientele for analysis.

Lime samples received are first checked for particle size by sieving with various size mesh depending on the type of lime. The moisture level is then determined, and the samples are prepared by grinding for analysis in the sample prep laboratory.

Analyses performed on limes to determine neutralizing value (as expressed as a percentage of Calcium Carbonate Equivalents (CCE) include: (analyzed using AOAC methods when available)

CCE -- Metrohm Brinkman Titralyzer w/NaOH
Ca and Mg are analyzed by ICP (if requested)
pH: Orion pH meter (if requested)

Results for Official Lime Samples are reported by the Administrative Section. The Administrative Section maintains records of results, maintains a mailing list of manufacturers and answers questions regarding Official Lime Samples. Tonnage records are also maintained by the Administrative Section.

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