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Developing Committee Membership

The process for developing committee membership within LAE4-HYDP involves several key steps:

1. Membership Rotation: Except for the membership committee, all committees undergo membership changes during the annual LAE4-HYDP meeting. The membership committee comprises regional representatives elected for a two-year term as per the constitution.

2. Committee Selection: Members have the opportunity to express their preferences for committee membership during the annual meeting.

3. Appointment for Non-Selections: Members who do not make a committee selection during the annual meeting will be appointed to a committee by the president.

4. Final Appointment: The president-elect finalizes the appointment of committee members and chairpersons during the annual LAE4-HYDP meeting.

Roles of Committee Chairmen, Chairmen-Elect, and Members

The roles within LAE4-HYDP committees are clearly defined:

1. Committee Chairman:

- Leads and chairs all committee meetings.

- Ensures follow-up on committee recommendations and tasks.

- Communicates with individuals responsible for completing tasks.

- Keeps the president informed of committee progress.

- Carries out duties as outlined in the constitution and by-laws.

- Maintains committee records and passes them on to the newly appointed chairman at the annual meeting.

2. Committee Members:

- Attend all committee meetings convened by the chairman.

- Contribute to making recommendations pertinent to their region or committee focus.

- Follow up on assigned recommendations from the chairman.

- Execute tasks delegated by the chairman.

3. Committee Chairman-Elect:

- Acts as the vice-chairman of the committee.

- Familiarize themselves with the committee's duties and programs.

- Assumes the role of the incoming committee chairman the following year.

Committees and Summary of Duties

The purpose of this committee, chaired by the President-elect, is to organize and execute various logistical aspects of the LAE4-HYDP Annual Meeting. This includes:

- Sending invitations and convention information to all members and life members.
- Inviting Extension Professionals to attend the meeting, handle their registration fees.
- Coordinating with the President on registration information for invited and paid guests.
- Making arrangements for hotel accommodations, registration, and guest speakers.
- Facilitating exhibit participation if desired.
- Collaborating with the Reporter for local publicity.
- Securing donations and contributions from businesses.
- Organizing registration activities and materials.
- Arranging meeting room logistics and equipment.
- Purchasing a plaque and gavel for the outgoing president.
- Sending thank-you letters to guest speakers and other participants.
Detailed annual committee roles and responsibilities can be referenced in the handbook's Appendix I.

This committee, chaired by the Past-President, is responsible for nominating candidates for various officer positions within LAE4-HYDP. Key points include:

1. Appointment: The committee is appointed by the President, as outlined in Section III of the handbook.

2. Timing: It should convene no less than two months before the Annual Meeting to select officer candidates.

3. Slate of Officers: The committee must present at least two candidates for each office.

4. Consent: The chairman obtains consent from nominated individuals before the Annual Meeting.

5. Ballot Preparation: The chairman prepares a ballot for voting purposes.

6. Promotion: The committee promotes and encourages members' participation in NAE4-HYDP board positions.

- Programs Committee chaired by the Chair and supported by the Chair-Elect.

- Responsibilities include analyzing educational materials and coordinating service-learning projects.

- Organizes the Excellence in Teamwork Award, requiring winning teams to present educational workshops.

- Committee divided into Ongoing and Current sections:

- Ongoing focuses on long-term concerns like volunteerism and urban programs.

- Current addresses immediate needs related to national initiatives and program development.

- Aims to support professionals in delivering impactful Extension programs and fostering collaboration within the 4-H community.


This committee, led by the Vice-President, focuses on membership-related matters. Key points include:

1. Chairmanship: Oversight is provided by the Vice-President, who collaborates with the Treasurer regarding membership dues.

2. Membership Dues: Annual dues are set $10.00 above national rates, with new member dues at half the renewal rate. A $10.00 late fee applies after December 15th.

3. Committee Membership: Regional Representatives serve as committee members.

4. Promotion: Members actively promote and encourage statewide membership.

5. Literature Development: Creates promotional materials to encourage membership growth.

6. Membership Tracking: Ensures the President is updated on current membership status for committee integration.

7. Memorial Donation: Coordinates a $100 donation to the Louisiana 4-H Foundation in memory of deceased members, notifying the foundation of names by January 1st.

8. New Agent Reception: Facilitates sponsorship of a reception at new Agent orientation, subject to annual budget approval.

1. Provide recommendations to Extension Administration regarding staff development, scholarships, advanced degrees, and research.

2. Support the annual meeting committee chair in coordinating sessions and exhibits using the PKRC model, including assisting in recruitment of exhibits and session proposals, reviewing proposals, and helping coordinate sessions and exhibits.

3. Collaborate with the Member Recognition Committee to explore scholarship opportunities.

4. Promote the 4-H Youth Agent position as a career choice.

5. Supply the Reporter with lists of scholarships and professional development opportunities for inclusion in association publicity.

6. Coordinate the LAE4-HYDP scholarship program, including soliciting applications from members pursuing master's or doctorate degrees, organizing judging panels, presenting awards at the Convention, ensuring recipients send thank-you notes, and limiting members to one scholarship each for a Master’s and doctorate degree.

1. Chair: Oversees ordering of plaques and engraving.

2. Chair-Elect: Organizes presentations and submits forms to National.

3. Awards Program: Maintains and promotes a program honoring outstanding LAE4-HYDP members at state and national levels.

4. Task Force: Supervises judging for various awards, including Distinguished Service, Achievement in Service, Meritorious Service, Granger-Arton, Communicator/Specialty, and Scholarships.

5. Membership Eligibility: Obtains service years from the Vice President for award consideration.

6. Ballot Compilation: Prepares ballots for Distinguished Service and Achievement In-Service Awards based on eligibility criteria.

7. Voting Process: Distributes individual ballots to members for voting, using a point-based system for candidate selection.

8. Finalists Selection: Top candidates from initial voting rounds are declared finalists and submit biographical summaries and photos for inclusion on final ballots.

9. Winners Selection: Members vote on final ballots to determine winners for Distinguished Service and Achievement In-Service Awards.

10. Recognition: Finalists and winners are recognized at the annual meeting's awards banquet.

11. Meritorious Service Award: Compiles list of eligible candidates, sends to past Distinguished Service Award winners for voting, and conducts final membership-wide vote.

12. Years of Service Recognition: Prepares lists of members for recognition based on years of service, presenting plaques at the annual meeting.

13. Andrew Granger-Louis Arton Jr. Award: Solicits nominations and facilitates the selection process for agents working with special needs children.

14. Outgoing President's Plaque: Coordinates purchase with President-elect.

15. Historical Records: Maintains a history of recognized agents.

16. News Releases: Prepares releases for award recipients to be given to the Reporter at the Annual Meeting.

17. Communication with Director: Informs the Director of award winners and invites participation in banquet presentations.

18. NAE4-HYDP Coordination: Works with the President to coordinate recognition of award winners at the national level.

1. Chairperson: The Treasurer oversees these duties.

2. Budget Preparation: Develops a proposed budget for each fiscal year for approval at the annual meeting.

3. Emergency Expenditures: Reviews and approves emergency expenses not included in the budget.

4. Annual Audit: Conducts an annual audit of the association's finances.

5. Memorial Donations: Sends $100 to the Louisiana 4-H Foundation in memory of each deceased past member.

1. Fundraising Activities: Investigate and propose fundraising activities to support association initiatives.

2. Fund Utilization Proposal: Develop proposals for allocating acquired funds to support association priorities.

3. Fundraising Execution: Execute fundraising activities, including coordinating with the Treasurer and reporting to the LAE4-HYDP Board and Membership.

4. Camp Catch Phrase Contest: Assist in promoting the contest.

5. Camp Shirt Design: Select the design for camp shirts from contest finalists, with the ability to modify designs for marketability.

6. 4-H U Shirt Design: Receive designs from the State 4-H Executive Board Committee, with the ability to make modifications for marketability.

7. Committee Engagement: Involve committee members in various aspects of activities.

8. Camp T-Shirt Sales: Organize and coordinate sales, with profits going to the LAE4-HYDP General Fund.

9. 4-H University T-Shirt Sales: Organize and coordinate sales, with profits split between the LAE4-HYDP Professional Improvement account and the Louisiana 4-H Foundation.

10. Documentation: Maintain a file of activities and records for future committee chairpersons.

1. Committee Structure: The Reporter serves as chairman for a two-year term, with the committee comprising seven representatives, one from each Extension region.

2. Collaboration: Work closely with the Annual Meeting committee to ensure comprehensive coverage of LAE4-HYDP events and activities.

1. Marketing: Oversees marketing initiatives as the committee chair.

2. Recognitions/Governing Bodies: Chairs the committee responsible for recognizing achievements and liaising with governing bodies.

3. Convention Breakfast Coordination: Organizes Superintendent and School Board President’s Breakfast(s) during relevant conventions, overseeing planning and execution.

4. Education Administration: Leads the committee focusing on educational administration matters.

5. Promotion and Advertising: Promotes LAE4-HYDP to Extension and non-extension groups and the public, emphasizing the value of the 4-H program.

6. Communicator Awards: Manages the selection process for LAE4-HYDP Communicator Awards, including the presentation of monetary awards.

7. Judge Recruitment: Collaborates with the Member Recognition Chair to recruit judges for Communicator and Specialty Awards.

1. Handbook Maintenance: Review and update the handbook annually, ensuring the current version is posted on the LAE4-HYDP Teams site.

2. Motion Documentation: Collect and maintain a list of all motions passed after each meeting, appending them to the handbook.

3. Reprinting: Reprint the handbook as needed to ensure information remains up-to-date.

4. Distribution: Keep extra copies of the handbook on hand and make them available to new members as necessary.

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