The Educated Horseman: Reproduction Series

Preparing Stallions for Breeding Season

A breeding soundness exam is a useful tool that stallion owners and managers can use to evaluate the reproductive status of their stallion. The objective of a BSE is to determine if a stallion has the mental and physical ability to produce viable offspring without spreading infectious disease. Although this type of evaluation is critical to determine the number of mares a stallion can successfully cover in a given year, most often this step is overlooked until there is a problem.

Publication Number: 3532

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The Importance of Equine Genetic Testing

Horses can be affected by a variety of genetically linked disorders. In 2009, the whole horse genome sequence was categorized. This advancement in genetics has produced affordable genetic testing, advanced management and medical treatment of affected animals and helped to create breeding protocols that focus on reducing the impact genetic diseases have on the horse industry.

Publication Number: 3533

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