Bug Biz. Pest management and insect identification series.

Bug Biz is an online publication series dedicated to extending the expertise of scientists at the LSU AgCenter to the general public. Multiple authors contribute to the publications which are frequently updated by experts in the department.

Taxonomic descriptions, pictures of the insects, background biology, life history, ecology and control methods are included. Bug Biz includes arthropods such as bed bugs, fleas, cockroaches, golden orb weavers, mites, tarantulas and many others encountered in Louisiana and the southern U.S.

Bug Biz provides information to homeowners, gardeners, farmers and wildlife enthusiasts with more than 100 brief non-refereed publications.

Lawn & Garden

Hyacinth blossoms with green leaves in the background.

Identification and management series for insects frequently found in Louisiana lawns and gardens.

Crops & Livestock

Two cows near a water trough, one of them is drinking water.

Identification and management series for insects found around crops and livestock.

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