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LSU AgCenter researchers and extension agents are well known for their contributions to rice breeding, horticulture and helping the seafood industry, and examples of this important work are featured in the Louisiana Agriculture spring issue. Another AgCenter program, the Healthy Communities initiative, works throughout the state to improve the healthfulness and well-being of Louisiana residents. The initiative aims to make Louisiana towns healthier places to live, work, learn and play. Three articles in this issue of the magazine detail the activities of the researchers and agents involved in this important work.

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Louisiana Agriculture Magazine Spring 2022

millerpngThe St. Helena Farmers Market, a Small Oasis in a Rural Food Desert

V. Todd Miller

Healthy Communities: The St. Helena Farmers Market in Greensburg provides fresh fruits and vegetables to one of Louisiana’s rural food deserts.

stroopepngPlay With Purpose: Building Healthy Communities Through Local Engagement

Jessica Stroope, Ruthie Losavio, Joy K. Sims and Denise Holston

Healthy Communities: The AgCenter Healthy Communities initiative encourages physical activity through two activities — StoryWalks and Play Streets — that bring children and their families out to play.

sealspngFrom Hallways to Refrigerators: Healthy Communities Addresses Barriers to Distributing Healthy Foods in the Charitable Food System

Katherine Seals, Jamila Freightman and Denise Holston

Healthy Communities: Extension agents studied the needs of charitable food sites in parishes with high obesity rates and provided help to improve their operations.

angirapngBreeding Rice for Latin American Export Markets

Brijesh Angira, Adam Famoso, Raul Guerra and Michael Deliberto

Rice breeders researched the preferred rice varieties of Latin American consumers and then developed a new variety for Louisiana producers to grow for the market.

tierschpng75 Years of Preserving Genetics: From the Dairy Improvement Center to the Aquatic Germplasm and Genetic Resources Center

Terrence Tiersch, Jack Koch and Yue Liu

The LSU AgCenter Aquatic Germplasm and Genetic Resources Center is where the LSU Dairy Improvement Center once stood. Today the facility is used to preserve the genetic material of aquatic species.

TregenzapngLSU AgCenter Capitalizes on International Strategic Partnerships: LSU AgCenter and MENDELU Food Symposium

Ivana Tregenza and Maria Bampasidou

Two institutions on different continents, the LSU AgCenter and Mendel University, have collaborated on several projects and established a food symposium to discuss the future of food.

moseleypngSoybean Planting Dates: A Historical Review and Current Evaluation of the Effects on Growth, Development and Yield in Central Louisiana

David Moseley, Andre Reis, Manoch Kongchum, Rasel Parvej, Boyd Padgett, Thanos Gentimis, Brandi Woolam and Laura Lee

Researchers analyzed data from a soybean trial to determine whether guidelines for planting established in the mid-1990s were beneficial for Louisiana growers.

gaudepngHelping Louisiana’s Shrimp Industry During the Pandemic

Albert Gaude

In 2020, the U.S. Department of Agriculture Agricultural Marketing Service included wild-caught shrimp in its purchase of food products for outlets such as food banks. AgCenter and Louisiana Sea Grant agents helped shrimpers prepare for the program.

wattspngAgCenter Research Supports the Increase of Market Opportunities for Louisiana Seafood Industry

Evelyn Watts

The AgCenter Seafood Quality Laboratory supports the Louisiana seafood industry by researching ways to help the industry enhance seafood quality and expand shelf life.

delibertopngWhat’s Driving Farm and Retail Food Prices?

Michael Deliberto

An economist explains how marketing, transportation and storage costs contribute to food prices.

bampasidopngLouisiana Nurseries: A Growing Industry Dealing With Labor Shortages

Maria Bampasidou and Jeb S. Fields

The plant nursery business is growing in Louisiana, and labor shortages have led the nurseries to recruit workers from other countries through a federal program.

dalenpngPhosphorus Nutrition on Corn: Its Essentiality, Supply and Management Practices

Marilyn Dalen and Brenda Tubaña

Phosphorus is vital to plant growth. AgCenter researchers studied the ways corn is fertilized with the nutrient for different soil types to assist farmers growing the crop.

PichapngSatsuma Fruit Market Life Extended With Post-Harvest Technologies

David Picha

A horticulture researcher has studied ways to improve the market life of one of Louisiana’s best-loved fruits, the satsuma.

blanchardpngFaculty Profile: Duhon Returns to LSU AgCenter to Lead Nutrition Efforts in Central Louisiana

Tobie Blanchard

Jennifer Duhon, a registered dietitian, serves as the family and consumer sciences program coordinator for a 10-parish area and as a nutrition agent for Rapides and Avoyelles parishes.

agcenternewspngLSU AgCenter News Spring 2022

Kyle Peveto

The AgCenter teaches animal care in New Orleans. The Healthy Communities team wins an award. Master Farmer awards are presented.

COAnewspngLSU College of Agriculture News Spring 2022

Annabelle Lang

The LSU poultry team wins a national contest. An LSU College of Agriculture advisor wins advisor of the year. Four College of Agriculture students were recognized in the Tiger Twelve.

pevetopng‘Everything Is Agriculture’: Magazine Editor Linda Benedict Taught Us About Agriculture for Decades

Kyle Peveto

For 25 years, Linda Foster Benedict led Louisiana Agriculture magazine, consistently producing a vibrant, informative publication.

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