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Louisiana Agriculture Magazine Spring 2021

Crop Breeding Infographic

smithpngLSU AgCenter Breeding Programs Provide Sustainability in Crop Production

Tara P. Smith

There is a continual need to increase yield and quality among Louisiana crops. Developing new plant varieties is a major focus of the LSU AgCenter.

pevetopngAn Eye to the Future: Plant Breeders Work to Improve Crops

Kyle Peveto

LSU AgCenter plant breeders improve crops to resist disease and pests, adapt to the environment and produce greater amounts of food, fiber and fuel.

peveto2pngMeet the Breeders

Kyle Peveto

LSU AgCenter plant breeders have dedicated themselves to developing better plant varieties to sustain and grow Louisiana agriculture.

harrellpngRice Research Station: A Rich History of Research and Variety Development

Dustin Harrell, Adam Famoso and Valerie Dartez

Farmers in southwest Louisiana knew that if this new venture into rice production was to succeed, it needed research and new varieties.

famosopngRice Breeding Guarantees Sustainability, Profitability for Louisiana Rice Industry

Adam Famoso, Dustin Harrell, Brijesh Angira and Rick Zaunbrecher

The development of new rice varieties is a continuous process and typically takes seven to eight years.

labontepngSweet Potato Breeding Program Helps Market Meet Demand

Don La Bonte, Christopher Clark, Tara Smith and Arthur Villordon

The demand for sweet potatoes is increasing worldwide. LSU AgCenter breeders are trying to meet the changing needs with new varieties.

benedict1pngSeeds of Success: Sweet Potato Licensing at the LSU AgCenter

Dirk Benedict

New varieties of sweet potatoes developed, patented and licensed at the LSU AgCenter continue to have commercial success.

peveto3pngPlant Breeders and Intellectual Property

Kyle Peveto

When plant breeders create new varieties, they contact the Office of Sponsored Programs and Intellectual Property to assess commercial success.

clarkpngSweet Potato Foundation Seed Program Continues to Thrive

Christopher Clark, Tara Smith, Arthur Villordon and Don La Bonte

Through the LSU AgCenter sweet potato foundation seed program, growers are provided with clean, virus-free seed.

kimbergpngSugarcane Variety Development in Louisiana: Past, Present and Future

Collins Kimbeng, Michael Pontif, Niranjan Baisakh and Kenneth Gravois

Combining strategies fundamental to plant breeding, with new technologies such as DNA marker-assisted selection, will lead to future breakthroughs.

hoypngManaging Sugarcane Disease Through a Public and Private Sector Partnership

Jeffrey W. Hoy and Lester P. Cannon

The effective management of sugarcane diseases during the past 35 years has resulted from providing healthy seed cane to Louisiana producers.

myerspngIncreasing Yield and Quality Continue in Cotton Breeding

Gerald O. Myers and John I. Dickson

The goal of the LSU AgCenter cotton breeding program is the same as in the late 19th century: high- and stable-yielding varieties with superior fiber quality.

buckleypngHistory and Significance of the Louisiana Soybean Breeding and Variety Testing Programs

Blair Buckley and David O. Moseley

The LSU AgCenter has helped Louisiana soybean producers adapt to major transformations to production through breeding and variety testing here at home.

harrisonpngDevelopment of Wheat and Oat Varieties with Improved Yield and Disease Resistance

Stephen Harrison, Kelly Arceneaux, Niranjan Baisakh, Boyd Padgett and Paul P. “Trey” Price III

The LSU AgCenter wheat and oat breeding program provides regionally adapted, high-yielding varieties that have good diseases resistance.

harrison2pngDevelopment of Wheat Varieties Resistant to Fusarium Head Blight

Stephen Harrison, Kelly Arceneaux, Niranjan Baisakh, Boyd Padgett and Paul P. “Trey” Price III

The wheat breeding program has made tremendous strides in development of Fusarium head blight resistant varieties over the past decade.

delibertopngEconomic Significance of the LSU AgCenter Plant Breeding Program for Louisiana

Michael Deliberto and J. Matthew Fannin

Investment in the AgCenter’s plant breeding programs is born out of necessity. Improved crop varieties provide economic value and stability for agriculture.

stokespngLSU College of Agriculture News for Spring 2021

Annabelle Stokes

Ag Week 2021; New “land and culture” course; Medicinal plant sciences grad; Ag Mentoring benefits students and mentors; Joint class with MendelU.

benedict2pngLSU AgCenter News for Spring 2021

Linda Foster Benedict

State livestock show goes on despite pandemic; Beef cattle researcher gets $500,000 grant; New sake made with Louisiana rice; Two new community parks.

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