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Louisiana Agriculture Magazine Winter 2020

Soil Lab Infographic

magazine cover with Ray SchneiderjpgLSU AgCenter Scientists Join World Movement to Promote Plant Health

Linda Foster Benedict

2020 has been designated International Year of Plant Health to call attention to the valuable role of agricultural scientists around the world.

Figure 2 Boxwood exhibiting random dieback of foliage caused by Colletotrichum theobromicolaJPGSpecialty Crop Plant Diseases on the Rise in Louisiana

Raj Singh

Several pathogens threaten some of Louisiana’s prize plants, including the boxwood. People are to notify the Plant Diagnostic Center.

pink apple snail eggsjpgInvasive Apple Snails Threaten Louisiana Rice, Crawfish Production

Blake Wilson, Julian Lucero and Mark Shirley

Pink and poisonous, apple snails are starting to appear in southwest Louisiana causing problems for crawfish farmers.

Thompson Profile with Oberhaus3 JPGFor 38 Years, Don Thompson Has Searched for Truth

Kyle Peveto

Though retired, equine physiologist Don Thompson continues to contribute to the science in his field.

two people in marshjpgResearchers Work to Improve Waterfowl Habitat Management in Gulf Coast Chenier Plain

Ashley Booth

Managing wetlands for waterfowl is crucial for producing food and habitat for the birds that visit the Gulf of Mexico coast.

Xu at computerjpgClimate Change and the Role of the Rivers

Rick Bogren

Yi-jun Xu, hydrology researcher, is studying the rising levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide resulting from river flooding.

graduates in a groupjpgAnnie’s Project Strengthens the Role of Women in Farm Business

Maria Bampasidou, Whitney McKinzie and Sara Shields

This program, coordinated by the LSU AgCenter, helps women gain knowledge to use in farm business decision-making.

figures-01jpgArtificially Enhanced Transport of Atmospheric Oxygen into Gulf of Mexico to Eliminate Hypoxia

Louis Thibodaux, David Constant, Veda Thipparthi and Haoshen Huang

The purpose of this research is to enhance the movement of oxygen-enriched surface seawater downward into the deeper oxygen-depleted Gulf of Mexico.

trench with pipes being placedjpgEvaluation of Procedures for Emergency Disposal of Poultry Carcasses

William E. Owens and Changyoon Jeong

Researchers are studying ways to safely dispose of unexpected poultry losses due to a disease outbreak or power failure.

Pentas 1JPGA New Year Brings New Louisiana Super Plants

Jeb S. Fields

Four additions have been made in 2020: American beautyberry, bald cypress, FlameThrower coleus and Lucky Star pentas.

five scientists stand by canejpgLSU AgCenter Scientists Continue Search for Cause of Roseau Cane Die-off along Coast

Johnny Morgan

Roseau cane, a marsh grass that grows in the lower Mississippi River Delta, continues to die, leaving the coastline more at risk for disappearing.

IMG_5325jpgResearch Brief: Identifying the Fertilizer Management Practices of Louisiana Homeowners

Natalie Levy

More education is needed to help homeowners learn the proper way to fertilize their lawns and gardens to protect the environment and cut their costs.

4 girls in a school gardenjpgResearch Brief: Implementation of a K-12 School Garden Leadership Workshop for Teachers

Celine Richard, Kathryn K. Fontenot, Edward Bush, Pam Blanchard and Carl Motsenbocker

The LSU AgCenter and the Louisiana Department of Education Division of Nutrition Services developed a school garden leadership workshop for educators.

Faculty profile Jeb Fields photo 3 jpgNew Faculty Profile: Jeb Fields Gets Dream Job at the Hammond Research Station

Kyle Peveto

Jeb Fields serves as the director of the ornamental trial gardens at the Hammond Research Station and is the chair of the Louisiana Super Plants program.

5 people w 2 checks for outstanding farmerjpgLSU AgCenter News for Winter 2020

Qinglin Wu named Cain chair; New specialists include Ashley Keith Edwards, David Moseley, Rasel Parvej; CDC study shows Louisianians inactive; Dan Fromme named cotton specialist of the year

Bresnan in front of doorjpgLSU College of Agriculture News for Winter 2020

David Smith awarded poultry scholarship; Alumnus Matthew Braud speaks to students; Whitney McKinzie receives University Medal; Alessandra Bresnan studies tiger genetics

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