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Louisiana Agriculture Magazine Summer 2020

Sugarcane Infographic

LSU AgCenter research and extension programs continue at full strength despite the pandemic, although many have been transformed into virtual events and activities. Learn how the AgCenter is adapting to meet the changing needs of our audience in the summer 2020 edition of Louisiana Agriculture magazine. Other articles in this issue feature efforts to expand pollinator habitat, find new lumber products to boost the forestry industry, make use of pecan shell byproducts for food safety and increase the sugar yield in sugarcane crops.

kuehnyjpgFind Comfort During the Pandemic in the Outdoors

Jeff Kuehny

People can find pleasure and joyfulness from spending time outside in gardens and parks, such as the LSU AgCenter Botanic Gardens in Baton Rouge.

Peveto 1jpgLSU AgCenter Goes Virtual to Fulfill Its Mission During Pandemic

Kyle Peveto

The LSU AgCenter quickly adapted its ways of getting educational information to Louisianians when the COVID-19 pandemic struck and limited in-person contact.

blanchardjpgCollege of Ag Alumna Helps Create PPE Manufacturing Network

Tobie Blanchard

A couple’s collective skills helped create a supply chain to get health workers the protective gear they needed during the pandemic.

shieldsjpgMaking Pollinator Habitats Part of Production Agriculture

Stuart Gauthier and Sara R. Shields

The need has never been greater to expand and enhance habitat for bees and other pollinators. A grant has boosted LSU AgCenter efforts to do this.

OrgeronjpgRole of Ripeners in the Louisiana Sugarcane Industry

Albert J. Orgeron

Louisiana has the shortest sugarcane growing season in the world, and the use of ripeners on the crop has enhanced sugar production.

AdhikarijpgEvaluation of Antimicrobials in Pecan Shell Byproducts

Achyut Akhikari and Karuna Kharel

LSU AgCenter researchers are testing ways to exploit the antibacterial properties in pecan shells and get this byproduct used in new ways.

vloskyjpgAre Southern Softwood Lumber Manufacturers Ready for the Cross-Laminated Timber Industry?

Richard Vlosky and Marion T. LeBlanc

Cross-laminated timber opens the door to a new, ecologically friendly way to construct homes and buildings and help the Louisiana forestry business.

gibsonjpgA Community Garden Helps Make a City Healthier

Amanda Gibson

In a park in Houma, Louisiana, a city of nearly 34,000 residents in Terrebonne Parish, an unused space was given new life as a community garden.

Peveto 2jpgMore Than Just a ‘Book Farmer’: Extension agent Gordon D. Cain remembered for improving lives

Kyle Peveto

As a county agent in the 1920s, Gordon D. Cain helped bring electricity to rural Louisiana. His family honors his legacy with an endowed chair.

holstonjpgRESEARCH BRIEF: Perception of Crime and Willingness to Use Space for Physical Activity in Madison Parish

Matt Greene, Jessica Stroope, Joy K. Sims, Jamila Freightman and Denise Holston

Safety is a major concern in planning for outdoor recreation activities as part of the LSU AgCenter Healthy Communities program.

BrownjpgUnderstanding Glyphosate and Its Role in Agriculture

Kim P. Brown and Daniel Stephenson IV

Misleading claims about glyphosate weed killer continue to cause concern. Here are some factual, science-based answers to some common questions.

brown 2jpgLSU AgCenter Works to Ensure Safe Use of Pesticides

Kim P. Brown

The LSU AgCenter strives to ensure proper use of pesticides through its Pesticide Safety Education Program.

MorganjpgNew Faculty Profile: Ashley Edwards Aims to Stimulate Local Beef Sales

Johnny Morgan

Ashley Edwards, a new extension livestock specialist in the Northwest Region, says she looks forward to having more direct impact on livestock production.

COAjpgCollege of Agriculture News for Summer 2020

Annabelle Stokes

Davis honored as undergraduate researcher; Smith heads alumni group; Webster gets gavel for weed society; Uzee and Picha receive awards.

AgcenterjpgLSU AgCenter News for Summer 2020

Linda Foster Benedict

Swale studies bee viruses; Little elected 4-H president; 2 north Louisiana 4-H’ers named ‘student of the year;’ Garden bounty goes to seniors.

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