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Louisiana Agriculture Magazine Spring 2020

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Insects are the most abundant and diverse group of animals on earth, and the spring 2020 edition of Louisiana Agriculture focuses on LSU AgCenter entomologists and their contributions to the sustainability of agriculture in our state and the well-being of all of us. Our scientists are discovering management tools to control insect pests, both in urban and rural environments, while reducing the use of pesticides and promoting the growth of beneficial insects.

LordjpgColor of Jewels: Studies of Beetle Coloration Shed Light on Insect Sight and Communication

Nathan P. Lord

LSU AgCenter scientists are studying how insects, specifically beetles, see color. This will lead to ways to control beetle pests, such as the emerald ash borer, which destroys trees.

wilsonjpgCombatting Invasive Insects in Sugarcane and Rice

Blake Wilson

The number of insect pests that rice and sugarcane farmers have to contend with keeps growing as new pests enter Louisiana and new methods of control must be found.

foiljpgFatal Virus Diseases of Deer Transmitted by Insects

Lane Foil, Mike Becker and Claudia Husseneder

LSU AgCenter scientists are studying prevention of two viruses that can be devastating to deer: blue tongue virus (BTV) and epizootic hemorrhagic disease virus (EHV).

hussenederjpgHorse Flies and Other Insects as Bioindicators of Marsh Health

Claudia Husseneder, Lane Foil, Ben Aker, Darrius Davis and Patrick Rayle

Horse flies are the perfect insects to study to determine the continuing effects of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico on the health of the coastal marsh.

sunjpgInvestigating Chemical Communication in Termites for Better Pest Management

Qian “Karen” Sun and Paul Castillo

Disrupting the chemical cues termites use to communicate may help control them and save Louisiana millions of dollars per year from damage.

davisjpgInsect Pests of Hemp: Relying on the Power of Integrated Pest Management

Jeffrey A. Davis

LSU AgCenter scientists are taking an integrated pest management approach to hemp production in Louisiana and discovering best practices for farmers to grow this crop efficiently.

peveto1jpgBlack Soldier Flies Turn Tons of Food Bound for Landfills into Animal Feed

Kyle Peveto

With a grant from a private company, the Department of Entomology is studying development of a new industry in which black soldier fly larvae consume garbage and then become feed for livestock.

ringjpgA Tribute to Entomologist Dennis Ring, 1952-2020

Michael J. Stout

Dennis Ring, a highly regarded extension entomologist for the LSU AgCenter for 25 years, passed away on May 4, 2020, after an extended illness.

brownjpgResistance Development to Bt Crops in Caterpillars: Implications for Pest Management and Cotton/Corn Production in Louisiana

Sebe Brown and Fangneng Huang

The Bt technology involves altering genes so less pesticide is used to control insect pests. But to preserve the effectiveness of this technology requires management.

diazjpgBiological Control of Giant Salvinia: Using New Technology in Puerto Rico

Rodrigo Diaz, Steven Woodley and Charles Wahl

LSU AgCenter scientists continue to develop ways to control the fast-growing giant salvinia that clogs water bodies and interferes with food production.

schowalterjpgResearch on Hurricane-Ravaged Forest Does Not Support an Insect ‘Apocalypse’

Manoj Pandey and Timothy Schowalter

Despite massive destruction of their habitat during a hurricane, insects continue to thrive but in altered ways, according to studies in Puerto Rico.

healyjpgCooperation with Mosquito Abatement Districts to Monitor and Combat Insecticide Resistance

Kristen Healy

Mosquito abatement districts in Louisiana use many strategies besides truck-based insecticide applications to control mosquitoes.

oteajpgStudents Learn Critical Thinking about Science and Public Policy

Jim Ottea

Through the College of Agriculture, a popular science course is offered that teaches students to think critically about scientific issues in the news.

peveto2jpgLouisianians and Insects: A Long History of Benefits and Battles

Kyle Peveto

Rogers Leonard, an entomologist who recently retired as the LSU associate vice president of plant and animal programs, highlights milestones in Louisiana’s history of insect pest problems.

stoutjpgLSU Entomology Alumni Contribute to the Well-Being of Humanity

Michael J. Stout

LSU Department of Entomology alumni have enjoyed success in a variety of endeavors throughout the world.

blanchardjpgNew Faculty Profile: Childhood Fascination Turns into Globe-Trotting Career for Nathan Lord

Tobie Blanchard

Nathan Lord, director of the Louisiana State Arthropod Museum, turned his fascination with insects as a child into a career in which he can travel the world.

coajpgLSU College of Agriculture News for Spring 2020

Tobie Blanchard

Six students get $2,000 scholarships; Two students receive awards; Three alumni honored; Graduate student presents research in Washington, D.C.; Students learn online.

agcenterjpgLSU AgCenter News for Spring 2020

Linda Foster Benedict

4-H keeps students involved at home; Fishers find markets online; Local farmers step up during the pandemic; New edible ornamental sweet potato; No Asian hornets here yet.

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