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Image of a therapeutic cannabis plantLSU AgCenter’s Therapeutic Cannabis Program

Ashley Mullens

As part of the licensing agreement with GB Sciences Louisiana, the LSU AgCenter will receive $3.4 million or 10 percent of gross revenue, whichever is greater, over five years and an annual research investment.

Image of Master Gardener Tammany Baumgarten.Louisiana Master Gardener Program: Past, Present and Future

Sara R. Shields

The LSU AgCenter is taking advantage of new technology to train people about the benefits of gardening to enhance the environment and learn a healthier lifestyle.

Image of Master Gardener Rosalind Rowell teaching.Master Gardeners Truly Are AgCenter Hands and Feet

Joe Willis, Anna Timmerman and Christopher R. Dunaway

More than 200 volunteers participate in the Greater New Orleans Master Gardener Program. Projects include school gardens, community gardens and garden shows and classes.

Image of Brenda Tubana.Nitrogen-Rich Strip Can Be Used to Match Nitrogen Fertilizer Rates to Sugarcane Needs

Brenda S. Tubaña, Dennis Burns, Marilyn Dalen, Daniel Forestieri and Ralph L. Frazier Jr.

LSU AgCenter scientists are helping farmers learn to apply nitrogen fertilizer in rates that are not too high or too low, both of which can hurt yields.

Map of Louisiana showing geographic variation in insecticidal seed treatment use.Insect Pests Drive Regional Differences in Rice Seed Treatment Use

Blake E. Wilson, James Villegas and Emily Kraus

LSU AgCenter scientists guide Louisiana rice farmers in the correct use of insecticidal seed treatments, which are used on more than 80 percent of rice acreage in the state.

Image of rice plantDeveloping Rice Varieties Suitable for Alternative Irrigation Regimes in Louisiana

Niranjan Baisakh, Adam Famoso, Jonalyn Yabes, Rodante Tabien and Dustin Harrell

Development of superior rice varieties with increased water-use efficiency could have a significant positive effect on the Louisiana rice industry.

Image of Robin LandryHealthy Communities Program Works to Build a Better Assumption Parish

Robin B. Landry

Extension agent Robin Landry has involved her community in making it a healthier place to live and work.

Image of feral hogs in a field.Agriculture Producer Concerns about Feral Hogs in Louisiana

Shaun M. Tanger, Michael Kaller and Richard Vlosky

LSU AgCenter researchers surveyed farmers and landowners on their attitudes about feral hogs and the menace they pose to agriculture.

MapEconomic Impact of Groundwater Salinity in Louisiana

Rajan Dhakal, Krishna P. Paudel, Matt Fannin and Naveen Adusumilli

LSU AgCenter researchers assess the possible effects of saltwater intrusion into two Louisiana acquifers that support agriculture.

Image of poultryUse of Broiler Litter in Electricity Production and Resulting Economic Impacts

Krishna P. Paudel, Huizhen Niu, Chandra Theegala, Quizhou Ma, Doleswar Bhandari and Naveen Adusumilli

LSU AgCenter researchers have evaluated an alternative economic opportunity for poultry farmers, and that is electricity generation using the litter.

Sugar millSyrup Production for Fuels and Chemicals from Bagasse

Giovanna M. Aita, Fang Deng, Patrisha Bugayong, Saeed Oladi and Dae-Yeol Cheong

LSU AgCenter scientists are finding that sugarcane residue, known as bagasse, can be converted into renewable fuels and specialty chemicals for use in the food, pharmaceutical and textile industries.

Harvested sugarcane at the Alma Plantation Mill.Fumaric Acid Production from Bagasse

Giovanna M. Aita and Fang Deng

Fumaric acid has been identified as one of the top 12 building block chemicals that can be potentially manufactured using renewable biomass, such as bagasse, the residue left from sugar production.

Image of Ellen Polishiuk.Louisiana Program Promotes Sustainable Agriculture for Growers Big and Small

Carl Motsenbocker, Milagro Berhane and Sydney Melhado

The LSU AgCenter is helping farmers, ranchers, educators and researchers learn more about sustainable agriculture and organic farming.

Image of farmer B.J. Duckworth speaking at a panel.Farmers Encouraged to Mind ‘Big Data’ for a Marketing Edge

Olivia McClure

Louisiana farmers are encouraged to take advantage of new data-driven technologies at an LSU AgCenter digital agriculture conference.

Image of Lane FoilFaculty Profile: Lane Foil

Rick Bogren

Entomologist Lane Foil has sometimes taken an unconventional approach to research over his 40-year span at the LSU AgCenter, but he has found practical solutions to worldwide problems.

Image of sugarcane harvestLSU AgCenter News Winter 2019

Linda Foster Benedict

State Livestock Show winners; 3 scientists gain more national fame; food safety workshops continue; Ag Alley event in West Monroe; successful 2018 sugarcane harvest grinds to a halt; roseau cane scale research gets boost

Image of designed dress.College of Agriculture News Winter 2019

Tobie Blanchard

Les Voyageurs learn and serve in New Orleans; Noah Harper wins scholarship; Hemline for Hearts fashion event calls attention to heart disease; Zamorano Agriculture Society awards; Savoie Industries donation

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