Bee on a yellow flower as well as an image of the front cover of the Louisiana Agriculture Spring 2019 issue.

Louisiana Agriculture Magazine Spring 2019

Birds and bees thumbnailThe “Birds and the Bees” and Agriculture

Christopher Green

This issue of Louisiana Agriculture focuses on the essence of agriculture, which is the ability to harness reproduction of plants and animals.

Seaside Sparrow thumbnailSeaside Sparrows and the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

Sabrina S. Taylor

The Seaside Sparrow is a good indicator species for the effects of disturbances, such as oil spills and hurricanes, along the Gulf of Mexico.

Depends on bees thumbnailThe World Depends on Bees: Researchers work to keep them healthy, numerous

Kristen Healy

Honeybees pollinate hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth of crops annually, but the number of honey-producing colonies in the U.S. is declining.

White-tailed deer thumbnailWhite-tailed Deer Reproduction: How fawns are made

Glen T. Gentry Jr.

LSU AgCenter research on the white-tailed deer has provided a wealth of information to improve understanding of the deer breeding season.

Godke thumbnailLegacy of Robert Godke: He advanced animal and human fertility science worldwide

Kyle Peveto

An LSU AgCenter animal scientist became world-renowned in the field of reproductive biology that not only benefited the livestock industry but also human fertility research.

Insect societies thumbnailReproduction and Social Insects: Understanding leads to better management of pests, beneficials

Claudia Husseneder and Qian Sun

The ability of social insects (bees, wasps, ants, termites) to work together to perpetuate their species is one of the most amazing phenomena in nature.

DNA Marker thumbnailDNA Marker Technologies and Development of New Rice Varieties for Louisiana

Adam Famoso, Brijesh Angira, Jennifer Dartez and Rick Zaunbrecher

Development of new rice varieties at the LSU AgCenter, which has been going on since 1909, involves new and evolving technologies.

Mottled duck thumbnailMottled Duck Breeding Ecology in Southwest Louisiana

Lizzi Bonczek and Kevin Ringelman

The mottled duck is a unique nonmigratory duck found only along the western Gulf of Mexico coast and peninsular Florida.

Honey's Use thumbnailHoney’s Use in Creating Probiotic Ice Cream

Abigail Greenbaum and Kayanush Aryana

Researchers in the LSU AgCenter School of Nutrition and Food Sciences are studying the effect of honey on probiotic ice cream.

Silver carp thumbnailAsian Carps Are Here to Stay

William E. Kelso

Sometimes reproduction goes awry as is the case with Asian carps. They were introduced to control parasites in catfish, and now they are taking over.

Marine Bait thumbnailImproving Reproduction for Reliable Marine Bait

Christopher Green

LSU AgCenter scientists are working to provide Louisiana coastal anglers with a cost-effective source of marine baitfish.

Sugarcane Varieties thumbnailFrom Boats to Bytes: Sugarcane varieties in Louisiana

Kenneth Gravois

DNA marker and sequencing technologies allow sugarcane breeders to develop new disease-resistant varieties.

Native plants thumbnailBreeding Native Plants to Save the Louisiana Coast

Prasanta K. Subudhi and Herry S. Utomo

Coastal plants can add resilience to Louisiana’s coast, but they must be bred to survive.

Ornamentals thumbnailVariety Improvements in Ornamentals

Yan Chen

New or improved ornamental plant varieties are replacing those offered decades ago, and some of the older varieties become heirlooms.

Edible plants thumbnailEat Your Garden: LSU AgCenter tests edible ornamentals and Plants with Potential

Jason Stagg and Ashley Edwards

Two categories of ornamental plants being tested at the LSU AgCenter Hammond Research Station are edible ornamentals and older varieties being rediscovered for their potential.

New Crop Varieties ThumbnailChallenges of Breeding New Crop Varieties in Louisiana

Rick Bogren

For many years, the LSU AgCenter has developed and maintained research and development programs to meet the challenges of growing crops in Louisiana.

Hybrid and Variety thumbnailHybrid and Variety Trials Help Sustain Louisiana Agriculture

Rick Bogren

LSU AgCenter hybrid and variety trials serve Louisiana farmers and growers as well as crop consultants and commercial seed and plant companies.

New faculty profile thumbnailNew Faculty Profile: Veterinarian leaves practice for research, teaching

Tobie Blanchard

In addition to her duties as attending veterinarian for research practices in the LSU AgCenter, Dr. Diana Coulon teaches a course about disease transmission from animals to people.

AgCenter News thumbnailLSU AgCenter News for Spring 2019

Linda Foster Benedict

Therapeutic cannabis research begins; Gina Eubanks is named to the national Agriculture Hall of Fame; a Monroe 4-H program helps foster kids; the New Orleans Saints and Pelicans help fund 4-H scholarships

College of Ag news thumbnailCollege of Agriculture News for Spring 2019

Tobie Blanchard

Forestry students get the chance to compete regionally and to network; six ag graduates become University medalists; alumnus tells of opportunities in digital agriculture; annual college awards

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