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Louisiana Agriculture Magazine Summer 2018

smithjpgEvaluating Yield and Quality of Commercial Sweet Potato Varieties in Louisiana

Tara P. Smith, Don R. La Bonte, Jeffrey C. Gregorie and Theresa F. Arnold

The sweet potato industry contributes more than $75 million to the state economy each year.

BampasidoujpgLouisiana Agritourism: An Industry with Potential

Maria Bampasidou and Denys Maksymov

LSU AgCenter researchers have compiled a profile of the state’s agritourism activities.

PevetojpgAgritourism is fun and games—and hard work—for Mrs. Heather

Kyle Peveto

A Tangipahoa Parish farmer has expanded from a pumpkin patch to strawberry picking and weddings and helps others learn about success in agritourism.

BoenekejpgMilking More Money Out of the Louisiana Dairy Industry

Charles Boeneke

Numbers of Louisiana dairy farms are decreasing but opportunities for value-added products are increasing.

ScagliajpgEnergy Supplementation of Replacement Beef Heifers on Nelson Annual Ryegrass

Guillermo Scaglia

Developing high-performance replacement heifers is critical to Louisiana’s cattle industry.

Tanger2jpgPotential Losses in Louisiana Hardwood Sawtimber Economic Contributions After an Emerald Ash Borer Invasion

T. Eric McConnell, Curtis L. VanderSchaaf and Shaun Tanger

Like many states, Louisiana has a history of conservation efforts that included planting ash trees. The state is now threated by the emerald ash borer.

WalkerjpgMaster Horseman Program Creates Confident Volunteers

Neely Walker and Melissa Cater

The Master Horseman program not only teaches people better horsemanship skills but also how to be valuable 4-H volunteer leaders.

Peveto2jpgLearning Mastery in Horsemanship and Leadership

Kyle Peveto

The graduates of the Master Horseman program say they enjoy riding even more because of all they have learned about horses.

BogrenjpgLooking for Natural Enemies of Invasive Species

Rick Bogren

Sometimes the best way to control an invasive species, such as giant salvinia, is to find its natural enemy and introduce it here, while avoiding unintended consequences.

OzbornejpgShreveport Community Health Hubs help citizens improve lifestyle

Karol Osborne

Neighborhoods come together and make it easy for everyone to get involved in garden-based nutrition education and health-related services.


HollierjpgInfluence of Cultural Practices and Fungicides on Frogeye Leaf Spot and Cercospora Blight Diseases of Soybeans

Clayton A. Hollier

PadgettjpgManaging Fusarium Head Blight (Scab) in Louisiana Wheat

Boyd Padgett, Trey Price and Steve Harrison

AdhikarijpgLouisiana Farmers’ Perceptions of Major Challenges to Compliance with the Food Safety Modernization Act

Achyut Adhikari, Krishna P. Paudel and Kathryn Fontenot

MascagnijpgInfluence of Seeding Rate and Nitrogen Rate on Grain Yield of Two Corn Hybrids Differing in Ear Flex on Mississippi River Alluvial Soils

Henry J. Mascagni Jr. and Brenda Tubaña

Peveto3jpgNew Faculty Profile: For Jerrod Penn, economics is magic

Kyle Peveto

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COAnewsjpgLSU College of Agriculture News for Summer 2018

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