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Louisiana Agriculture Magazine Fall 2018

Supporting LA SeafoodjpgSupporting Louisiana Seafood Through a Land Grant and Sea Grant Partnership

Rex Caffey

Louisiana Sea Grant has achieved many milestones during its 50 years through its partnership with the LSU AgCenter.

la segrant marksjpgLouisiana Sea Grant Marks a Half Century

Roy Kron

Louisiana Sea Grant has been dedicated to the responsible development of the coast and marine resources for the past 50 years.

LA fisheries forwardjpgLouisiana Fisheries Forward: Unleashing the Potential of the Wild Catch Market

Thomas Hymel

This educational program helps the fishing community keep up to date about new technologies, regulations, greater efficiencies and best management practices.

wild plate frozenjpg‘Wild Plate Frozen’ Adds Value to Louisiana Shrimp

Bruce Schultz

The Louisiana Limited Wild Plate Frozen shrimp program is helping seafood buyers and sellers create a market for a superior product.

Thu BuijpgThu Bui: A Voice for Those Who Make a Living from the Water

Kyle Peveto

Thu Bui, whose father was a Vietnamese fisherman, has proved a valuable resource for the Louisiana fishing industry.

fisheries agentsjpgFisheries Agents Protect and Defend Louisiana’s Fishing Industry

Bruce Schultz and Kevin Savoie

Stationed on the coast and working directly with the fishing community are eight Sea Grant and LSU AgCenter fisheries agents.

Reviving SoftshelljpgReviving the Soft-Shell Blue Crab Industry

Carol Franze and Julie Anderson Lively

Since the 1990s, the number of crab shedders in the state has dropped from 300 to fewer than 50. Researchers are hoping to reverse the trend.

Crab sheddersjpgCrab Shedders Persevere As Louisiana Soft-Shell Industry Shrinks

Kyle Peveto

Daniel Edgar wants to continue in the crab-shedding business, if he can, with help from the AgCenter and Sea Grant.

sea grant and agcenterjpgSea Grant and AgCenter Help Louisiana Catfish Industry Comply with New Regulations

Evelyn Watts and Thomas Hymel

In 2015, the U.S. Department of Agriculture Food Safety Inspection Service published new regulations on catfish, and the catfish processors had to be trained.

preventing black spotsjpgPreventing Black Spots from Appearing on Healthy Shrimp

Julie Anderson Lively and Evelyn Watts

When air hits fresh shrimp, it can cause darkening, which turns off buyers. But researchers are trying to prevent this from happening.

Seafood HACCPjpgSeafood HACCP and Safety Programs Help Sustain Louisiana Communities

Evelyn Watts

Regulations require that everybody engaged in seafood processing must develop and implement a HACCP (safety) plan.

development of spermjpgDevelopment of Sperm Banks to Save Endangered Fishes

Yue Liu and Terrence R. Tiersch

Researchers at the LSU AgCenter Aquatic Germplasm and Genetic Resources Center are developing sperm banks using cryopreservation to assist in conservation.

Expanding cryopreservationjpgExpanding Cryopreservation to Improve Genetics in Aquatic Species

Rick Bogren

AgCenter researchers are pioneers in developing ways to use genetic resources for improving disease resistance and promoting fast growth in aquatic animals.

Roseau Cane Die-OffsjpgRoseau Cane Die-offs Threaten Louisiana Coast

Blake E. Wilson, Madeline Gill, Ian Knight, Rodrigo Diaz, Andy Nyman and Jim Cronin

LSU AgCenter scientists are leading the way to find the causes of the roseau cane die-off that threatens coastal conservation and the fishing industry.

MultistatejpgMultistate Team Investigates Roseau Cane Decline

Tobie Blanchard

Many scientists are joining the AgCenter in exploring possible reasons for the loss of roseau cane, a plant that helps preserve the coast.

study finds roseau jpgStudy Finds Roseau Cane Scale Has Not Attacked Crops or Grasses

Tobie Blanchard

Scientists studying roseau cane scale have not found that the insect pest has attacked commercial crops or marsh grasses.

agcenter research aimsjpgAgCenter Research Aims to Boost Louisiana Alligator Industry

Robert Reigh

Studies at the Aquaculture Research Station have focused on improving alligator feeds to increase nutrient utilization and allow greater cost control.

understanding growthjpgResearch Brief: Understanding Growth, Mortality of Louisiana Oysters Helps Ensure Sustainability

Megan La Peyre and Jerome La Peyre

genomic variationjpgResearch Brief: Genomic Variation and Local Adaptation Among Natural Stocks of Eastern Oysters in Coastal Louisiana

Morgan Kelly and Jerome La Peyre

reducing carcinogensjpgResearch Brief: Reducing Carcinogens in Tanned Alligator Skins

Ioan Negulescu

h2b workerjpgResearch Brief: H-2B Worker Program and the Louisiana Seafood Processing Industry

Maria Bampasidou and Mohammed Rajib Hasan

new facultyjpgNew Faculty Profile: Bats, Rats, Deer and Feral Hogs Are All Part of Ashley Long’s Job

Tobie Blanchard

college of agjpgCollege of Ag News for Fall 2018

agcenter newsjpgAgCenter News for Fall 2018

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