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Louisiana Agriculture Magazine Summer 2017

Trials and Tribulations of the Logging Industry in the U.S. South after the Great Recession

Richard P. Vlosky

The Great Recession of 2007-2008 hurt the forestry industry, and it is still feeling the effects, especially in the housing industry.

Louisiana Sugar in a Global Context

Michael Deliberto and Mark J. Schafer

Uncertainty caused by globalization and technological change characterizes the future of cane sugar production in Louisiana.

Development of Simulation Models to Support Louisiana Sugar Mills

Daira Aragon

Scientists at the Audubon Sugar Institute develop sugar factory production computer models to assist the Louisiana industry in becoming more efficient.

Sugar and Salt from Sugarcane

Franz Ehrenhauser and Daira Aragon

LSU AgCenter scientists are trying to reduce the ash content of sugar, which would allow more sugar recovery, and at the same time produce salts from this ash.

LSU AgCenter ‘Hot’ Intellectual Properties

Dirk C. Benedict

LSU AgCenter scientists continue to bring scientific discoveries to the world marketplace through the Office of Intellectual Property. Here are four successes.

Development of Alternative Strategies to Manage Crop Diseases

Jong Hyun Ham

Because of risks and limitations of available chemical products, it is imperative to develop new tools and strategies for sustainable disease management in Louisiana crops.

New Herbicide Systems Give Farmers Options for Better Weed Control

Olivia McClure

Three new soybean herbicide systems will give Louisiana farmers much-needed tools to fight increasing resistant weed populations they have struggled with in recent years.

Insect and Diseases Challenges for Growing the Tea Plant

Yan Chen

LSU AgCenter researchers are trying to grow tea plants in Louisiana as a new economic development opportunity.

Growing Olives in Louisiana: An Initial Evaluation

Jason Stagg and Allen Owings

While many Southern gardeners are familiar with the sweet olive tree, the trees that produce edible olives are finding their way into Louisiana landscapes.

‘Food Warriors’ Fight Obesity

Emelia Clement and Melissa Cater

The LSU AgCenter offered an obesity prevention program taught with iPads and found that it helped children learn about good health.

Youth Learn Nutrition, Food Safety, Healthy Lifestyle at CHEF Camps

Linda Foster Benedict

One way to teach better nutrition to families is to take aim at their children, and one way to do that is through a fun and engaging week-long cooking camp.

Greauxing Up in the Garden

Kathryn K. Fontenot

The LSU AgCenter and East Baton Rouge Parish Master Gardeners have partnered to host a series of garden workshop for children at the Botanic Gardens.

Measuring the Economic Futures of Louisiana’s Rural Children

J. Matthew Fannin and Vikash Dangal

LSU AgCenter economists are evaluating alternative measures of a Louisiana community’s ability to provide a fertile environment for children's economic prosperity.

Endangered Roseau Cane Key to Mississippi River Delta Survival

Bruce Schultz

Now comes another threat to Louisiana’s coast: the Roseau scale insect, an invasive species from Asia. It is suspected of playing a major role in the die-off of Roseau cane in the southeast marsh.

New Faculty Profile: Livestock Education Program Grows by Two

Tobie Blanchard

Two new faculty members, Crystal Ahrens and Tyler Braud, plan to expand 4-H and the LSU AgCenter and College of Agriculture livestock programs.

College of Ag News Summer 2017

Students study tropical horticulture in Honduras, conduct marine research in Mozambique; MANRRS partners with NRCS; 15 scholars participate in Governor’s School for Agricultural Sciences

AgCenter News Summer 2017

3 researchers get $62,500; False ragweed pest problem; New rice lines introduced; 7 new plants offer ‘potential’; Research boost for aquarium fish production; Food Incubator nutrition analyses

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