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red deer

Learning about Louisiana’s Wildlife at the Bob R. Jones-Idlewild Research Station

Research conducted at the Bob R. Jones-Idlewild Research Station in Clinton involves deer, cattle, forestry, feral hogs and giant salvinia.

feral swineResearch Aims at Effective, Safe Control of Feral Hogs

LSU AgCenter researchers are getting closer to finding better cpntrol through use of poisonous baits.

feralhog-map1jpgFeral Hog Damage in Louisiana

Feral hogs cause more than $70 million worth of damage to Louisiana farms, and that's a conservative estimate.

poultry fans7jpgjpgEnvironmental Best Management Practices for Poultry Production in Louisiana

Poultry producers learned how to be in compliance with environmental regulations through a series of educational programs.

waterweedJPGThree Years of Giant Salvinia Biological Control Research on Cross Lake in Northwest Louisiana

LSU AgCenter researchers are trying to find a way for salvinia weevils to survive in the cooler climate of north Louisiana.

weevil-specJPGResearchers Look to South America for Help in Controlling Invasive Water Weed Giant Salvinia

The search for a cold-tolerant weevil to control giant salvinia in north Louisiana has gone worldwide.

Mx-rice-borer-fig1jpgjpgMexican Rice Borer Continues Spread in Louisiana

LSU AgCenter researchers are trying to control the spread of the Mexican rice borer, which is destructive to both rice and sugarcane.

crawfishjpgEvolution of the Louisiana Crawfish Industry

Once a local commodity only, crawfish production in Louisiana is almost year-round now with markets across the U.S. and overseas.

wood-constructionjpgLouisiana's Primary and Value-Added Wood Products Industry and the Great Recession

Until housing starts rebound to pre-recession levels, both the primary and secondary wood products sectors in Louisiana will be depressed.

rice-sustainablejpgKeeping Rice Production in Louisiana Sustainable

Sustainable agriculture will ensure the ability to continue to produce food and fiber into the future.

tomato-FieldDayjpgAnnual Tomato Field Day Grows into Popular Community Event

Every year since 2009, the LSU AgCenter has hosted the St. James Parish Tomato Field Day at Raymond “T-Black” Millet’s farm in Paulina.

Losso2jpgjpgEat More Raw Food, Less Fried Food, No Burned Food

LSU AgCenter food scientist Jack Losso has written a book to help people eat better so they can be healthier.

Louisiana CoastGlobal Warming Costly for Louisiana’s Coast

Exploring ways to combat global warming and detailing the formation of coastal Louisiana were main topics at biennial forum.

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News articles in the winter 2016 issue of Louisiana Agriculture

COAnewsjpgCollege of Ag News

News articles from the College of Agriculture in the winter 2016 issue of Louisiana Agriculture.

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