Tapioca plant – Plant of the week for August 12, 2013

Richard Bogren, Owings, Allen D.


Continuing the tropical theme for ornamental plants of the week in August is cassava, also called tapioca plant.

This is a tropical, shrubby perennial we normally treat as an annual. But we can find this plant over-wintering in warmer locations south of Interstate 10 in Louisiana.

Cassava goes by the scientific name Manihot. The variegated form is the one you see in landscapes. These are not abundantly available at garden centers except during summer.

Plants do best in full sun to partial sun and can typically reach heights of 4 feet in the landscape. Low maintenance requirements make this a great foliage plant addition to the tropical summer landscape.

Allen Owings
Rick Bogren

8/10/2013 12:15:22 AM
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