New vegetable varieties are as plentiful as pop hits

Spring Gardening News Distributed 03/30/09

Keeping up with the latest vegetable varieties is about like keeping up with the latest pop hit, according to LSU AgCenter horticulturist Dr. Tom Koske. University research takes time and money, so variety testing is not always on top of the products that the seed companies are promoting.

Koske offers these latest vegetable varieties recommended by several universities in the South. They also are the more commonly available varieties at major home gardening seed suppliers. Local availability is up to local merchants.

Vegetable gardening details are available in the “Vegetable Planting Guide,” LSU AgCenter publication 1980. Varieties listed as AAS are All-America Selections.

Snap beans: Valentino, Ambra, Caprice, Dusky, Grenable, Lynx, Nash, Shade.

Pole beans: Volunteer, State.

Beets: ScarletSupreme.

Broccoli: Windsor, Patron, Triathlon, Greenbelt, Diplomat.

Cabbage: GoldenDynasty, RoyalVantage, SilverDynasty, BlueDynasty, RedDynasty, PlatinumDynasty, BlueThunder, Thunderhead.

Cauliflower: Freedom, Fremont, Graffiti (purple), Minuteman, Symphony.

Collards: Champion, MorrisHeading, TopBunch.

Corn, se (sugary enhanced) type: WhiteOut, Avalon, SilverKing, Devotion and Temptation.

Corn, sh (shrunken, less starch) type: XtraTender 372, 378, 270BC and 282BC, Accelerator, GSS 966, GoldQueen, IceQueen, Passion, HowSweet AAS, HoneyNPearl AAS.

Cucumber: Daytona, Stonewall.

Pickles: Jackson, Sassy, Vlasstar.

Eggplant: Gretel AAS, Casper, GhostBuster, NightShadow, Rosita, PingtungLong.

Garlic: GermanExtraHardy, N.Y.White.

Okra: North&South, Lee, Burgundy AAS.

Mustard: RedGiant.

Lettuce, head: MightyJoe, Summertime.

Lettuce, leaf: GrandRapids, Tango, SaladBowl, Ideal (romaine); butterhead: Adriana, Bennett, Esmeralda, Ermosa, Nancy.

Kohlrabi: Rapidstar.

Onions, green: EmeraldIsle, WhiteSpear, BunchingStar, Ishikura.

Onions, bulb: Century, YellowGranex.

Cilantro: Jantar, Santo.

Peas, English/garden: Novella II, Sparkle.

Peas, Southern: TopPick brown crowder, TopPick pinkeye, Colossus crowder.

Pepper, bell: Declaration, Enterprise, Lafayette, PurpleBell, Tequila, PurpleBeauty.

Pepper, frying: Aruba.

Pepper, hot: El Rey, Grande, Ixtapa, Mesilla, Nazas, ChillyChili AAS.

Pumpkin, minismall: BabyBoo, Bumpkin, Gooligan, Prankster, Trickster, WeeBLittle AAS.

Pumpkin, large: MammothGold, Phantom, NewMoon, GoldMedal, Merlin.

Summer squash: Medallion crookneck; Fortune and Lioness straight necks; zucchinis Cash Flow, JusticeIII and Leopard, plus GreenTint patty pan.

Winter squash: HoneyBear AAS, ButternutSupreme, Ultra butternut.

Tomatoes: BHN 640 or 669, Florida 47, Floralina, CarolinaGold, Mountain Fresh Plus, MountainGlory, SolarFire, Talladega, HeatwaveII, Marcelino cherry, SunGold cherry, Smarty grape, romas of Muriel, BHN 410 and Picus.

Watermelon, seed-type: Juliette, MardiGras, TopGun, GoldStrike.

Watermelon, seedless: Gypsy, Liberty, Matrix, Millennium, Imagination, CrunchyRed, TriX 212, Vanessa icebox and yellows Buttercup or Amarillo.


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3/31/2009 2:37:56 AM
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