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Adults are urged to assemble a “grab-and-go” box of important papers in case of a hurricane evacuation. How about making a “to-go kit” for your child? Assembling a few treasured items can help your child in times of disaster, according to LSU AgCenter family development professor Dr. Rebecca White.

The family expert offers these suggestions for your youngster’s evacuation kit:

– Several favorite books

– Crayons and paper

– Children’s puzzles

– Children’s board games (checkers, dominoes, etc.)

– Card games (Go Fish, Old Maid, Uno, etc.)

– Two favorite small toys, such as a doll or action figure

– A cherished stuffed animal

– A treasured blanket and/or pillow

– Handheld electronic games

– Pictures of family and pets

– Other special items that will comfort children

Find a special container to place the items in, and prepare the kit together. Let your child help decide what goes in it.

“As you gather the items, there will be opportunities for your child to talk about the storm and possible fears,” White says, adding, “Preparing for the evacuation also can help your child understand how the family takes action to stay safe.”

Listening, talking and making these preparations together will help comfort your child while you serve as a strong role model. Your youngster will learn that parents ensure children’s safety.

“So take a moment to work with your child to develop an evacuation to-go kit just for them,” White says.

For additional storm preparation advice, visit the LSU AgCenter Web site at and click on “hurricane preparedness.”


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