Protect Electronic Items From Storm Damage

Jr. Bankston, Merrill, Thomas A.  |  6/9/2005 10:47:30 PM

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Preparing for a tropical storm or hurricane involves a variety of household chores – including protecting electronic items such as compact disc players and computers.

As the storm approaches, all computers and other electrical equipment should be turned off in a normal manner and unplugged to protect against future problems.

Experts with the LSU AgCenter also suggest protecting all office equipment, data and supplies by following these tips:

–Raise the equipment off the floor and cover with heavy plastic, such as a heavy duty trash bag, to protect it from water damage.

–If you have a modem or cable modem with your computer, unplug the phone line or cable line from the modem. Also unplug other incoming lines from electronic devices, such as antenna or cable lines to TVs, phone lines to fax machines and so forth, to protect them from being damaged by an incoming surge over those lines.

–If your computer or other electronic equipment is located near a window, move it to another place in your house, away from windows.

–Back up the data on your computer, and if you must leave your home, take computer backup disks with you, if possible.

–Finally, if there is water damage to your home or office and any electronic equipment may have gotten wet, don't turn it on until you get advice from a professional.


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