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John W. Arceneaux  |  12/2/2005 3:11:15 AM

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Christmas time is coming, a time for giving. We don’t think of ethical character as a gift, but it is one we can give daily, according to LSU AgCenter 4-H and character education expert John Arceneaux.

What we say and do plants the seeds of character that touch people of today and, through them, generations to come. The courtesy we show others is a gift to them and, on a larger scale, to mankind, for it models how people can be.

Arceneaux asks children, "What gift of character did you get from your father and mother?" To parents, he asks, "Fathers and mothers, what gift of character are you giving your children?"

Parents don’t have a choice about whether they bestow a gift of character. Their choice is the kind they give.

A legacy is created one thought and one act at a time. Arceneaux says our next thoughts and actions are our choices. What roles do we choose to model? What legacy do we choose to build? What character seeds do we choose to plant?

The well-being of Louisianans depends on the character or behavior that is taught, enforced, advocated and modeled by all. The legacy of Louisiana is being built today.

What will your gift of character be to Louisiana’s and your legacy? Arceneaux says to give the gift that keeps on giving – ethical character.

Contact your parish LSU AgCenter office to learn about the character education materials and services available through Louisiana 4-H. Information is also available through visiting the Character Education section under the Louisiana 4-H Web site:


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