Ropes Course Helps Teach Teamwork

Jane B. Jones, Coolman, Denise  |  11/18/2006 3:25:36 AM

Participants learn rescue maneuvers while participating in the Ropes Course located at the LSU AgCenter's Grant Walker Educational Center near Pollock. The course is open to any group that wants to use it to learn about team-building and other skills needed to succeed.

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POLLOCK – A new ropes course at the LSU AgCenter’s Grant Walker 4-H Educational Center in Pollock can help group members and individuals learn about team-building and trust, as well as build self-esteem.

Jane Jones, director of the LSU AgCenter facility, said the ropes course was built on the center’s grounds earlier this year. It is a "high elements ropes course" that stretches across a creek on the Center’s grounds.

"Any group of people ages 13 through 50 may use the course," Jones said. "But they must use our instructors."

Instructors for the course have received Ropes Course Certification Training by Outdoor Adventure of Oklahoma State University.

The "Panda Pole" is one element of the course that is used.

"This is a pole that is 20 feet to 25 feet high," Jones said. "A person climbs to the top of the pole, which may begin to sway, and then jumps to catch a trapeze hanging 6 feet to 7 feet away. Afterward, he or she is lowered to the ground."

The Zip Line is another element used. This involves standing on a platform 25 feet in the air and then stepping off the platform to zip down a cable by holding onto a pulley.

Each element is used with safety in mind, Jones stressed.

"All participants are secured by ropes," Jones said. "Extra care is taken to ensure each participant’s safety."

The ropes course is used for personal and educational growth, to build self-confidence and to foster self-esteem.

Marc Bourgeois’ youth group recently went through the course, and Bourgeois said it was an "awesome" experience.

For more information on the Ropes Course, call Jane Jones at (318) 765-7209.


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