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Steele and Ione Burden


LSU Rural Life Museum bell


Steele Burden Memorial Orangerie


Windrush House


Windrush House


LSU Rural Life Museum


The Hostler's House at the LSU Rural Life Museum


Steele Burden's studio


Steele,Burden,Jeanette Monroe Burden, Pike Burden and another family member.

Steele Burden, Jeanette Monroe Burden,Pike,Burden,and,another,family,member,standing,in,the,garden.

Steele Burden and an unidentified gentleman.


Statuary in Windrush Gardens



Burden Museum and Gardens began in the late 1800s as Windrush Plantation, a wedding gift to John Charles Burden and Emma Gertrude Barbee. The home and property were passed down through the generations until they reached the three children of William Pike Burden Sr. and Ollie Steele: Ione Easter Burden, William Pike Burden Jr., and Ollie Steele Burden.

Following their brother’s death, William Pike Burden, Jr., Ione and Steele began donating the property to the LSU System to nurture and develop the Burden legacy. Love for their family, their ancestral home and the community sparked the idea to preserve Windrush by creating a place that would foster agricultural and horticultural research, provide a destination for generations to appreciate and learn about Louisiana’s rich rural and cultural heritage, and give people a place to experience the beauty of the natural world.

Today, Burden Museum and Gardens is guided by the generosity and vision of the Burden family through the stewardship of the Burden Foundation, LSU and the LSU AgCenter.

Annual Events

Burden Museum and Gardens is an ideal place to hold corporate and private events and hosts numerous events throughout the year. These events include:

  • Ione E. Burden Symposium
  • A Rural Life Christmas
  • An Evening at Windrush
  • An Old Fashioned Easter Celebration
  • Corn Maze at Burden
  • Gourmet in the Garden
  • Haints, Haunts and Halloween
  • Harvest Days
  • Master Gardener Plant Sale
  • Night Maze and Bonfire
  • Poinsettia Show and Sale
  • Red Rooster Bash
  • Wine & Roses
  • Zapp’s International Beerfest


Burden Museum & Gardens

LSU Rural Life Museum

LSU AgCenter Botanic Gardens

Windrush Gardens

Trees and Trails

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