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Hey Mr. Gill,

The lime green sweet potato vine - what is its very best light? Can it be rooted in water or in the ground?

Agapanthus - can I separate now or when and how?

Azalea - I need to prune a little on top. Can I do it now? Thanks!

- Patricia D.

The most commonly available ornamental sweet potato with chartreuse foliage is Margarita. The most vivid color is in full sun. But, I’ve also grown it in part shade (about a half a day of sun). It tones down the brightness of the color some, but it is still attractive.

Sweet potato vines root very easily in water or pots of potting soil.

Agapanthus clumps really prefer to be left alone and bloom best when crowded. If you have to reduce the size of the clump because they are crowding other plants, that’s about the only time I’d do anything with them. When that happens, dig from the outside of the clump removing sections from the edges until the clump is reduced to the desired size. The middle of the clump will remain undisturbed. This is best done in late February/March or October.

If the agapanthus clump is not too large – I’d just leave them alone.

Feel free to prune the azaleas. The cutoff date is mid-July.

Dan Gill
Consumer Horticulture Specialist

6/24/2015 1:37:32 AM
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