Divide and Transplant an Agapanthus


I have a huge agapanthus which needs to be divided and transplanted. I have never done this before. There must be 20-25 individual stalks. If I can get it out of the pot, how should I go about dividing the plants? Should I cut back the green stalks? They will probably go into shock and be wilted. Is this even the best time to do this at all? If it works, I will need several pots.


Kathy T.

Late February or March would be the best time to do this. Or, when the weather cools down in the fall in late October or November.

I would purchase another pot the same size as the pot it is in. Remove the agapanthus from the pot it is currently in. It may help to run a large knife around the inside of the pot between the rootball and the pot.

Once out of the pot, divide the clump in half using the large knife. Be careful. Try not to cut through any plants (cut between them) - but it’s okay if some of the plants get cut through in the process. Don’t worry about cutting through roots in the process. Do not cut back the foliage. Two large clumps will bloom better than dividing the plant into many small clumps. Don’t plant the two clumps in pots any larger than the original pot. Agapanthuses bloom better when they have filled a pot with roots.

Then pot up half the clump in the original pot, and pot up the other half of the clump in the new pot. Use potting soil or potting mix. Place them in a shady location for a few weeks to recover and water as needed. Then move them to the locations where you want them to grow. That’s it.

Dan Gill
Consumer Horticulture Specialist

7/30/2015 7:58:12 PM
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