Bordered Plant Bugs

Picture of bordered plant bugs.


I have been seeing these bugs all over the place - I happened to look at my pine tree and saw them all over it. They are black with an orange band around them. What are these bugs and should I start spraying or just leave them alone?

- Robert B.

No sweat. This is the bordered plant bug. Really more of a nuisance. They generally do not cause significant damage to landscape plants or gardens and there is no need for control. The information below is from a Mississippi State Extension entomologist:

These are Largus Bugs, Largus succinctus. They are also sometimes referred to as 'bordered plant bugs' because of the orange margin that the adults have around the outside of their back. They are common in MS, especially in areas with lots of pine trees. They feed on various weeds, but I have never seen them damage any ornamental or food plants. I am not sure why they are associated with pines; they do not seem to damage them.

Blake Layton, Ph.D.
Extension Entomology Specialist

Dan Gill
Consumer Horticulture Specialist

6/24/2015 1:18:28 AM
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