What are reasons why my agapanthus may not be blooming? Thanks!

- Gerald R.

I tell people not to give up until the end of June. This is the very beginning of the blooming season, and some varieties bloom later than others. So, I would not be concerned at this time.

Dan Gill
Consumer Horticulture Specialist

I just talked to the gardener and he told me that the agapanthus he has blooms white but very sparse - he said this has been going on for several years. Do you have anything to add to your original comments?

Thanks, Gerald R.

An agapanthus that has bloomed (what this gardener considers) lightly for years is probably doing all it can. This is likely just the way this agapanthus will bloom for him in that location. I can’t imagine flowering habits changing after the plant is established for several years.

Many people think their agapanthus plants should bloom more or would like them to bloom more. But, agapanthus plants will produce the number of flowers they will regardless of our wishes. Most clumps produce what I would call a “light” blooming (even a large clump may only send up 3 to 5 flower stalks). All we can do is give them the appropriate care and enjoy the flowers that they do provide.

White is a color sometimes seen in agapanthus, although the blue types are more popular. Occasionally a white agapanthus will show up in a planting of blue plants. This likely occurs during potting up by the grower, or indicates a spontaneous mutation, or the possibility of a seed dropping to the ground and producing a plant genetically different from the parents (white, for instance, instead of blue).

The dark bloom varieties, like Ellamae, tend to bloom later than the light blue types. Sometimes that is an explanation for why a clump is not blooming now.

Dan Gill
Consumer Horticulture Specialist

5/19/2015 11:06:56 PM
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