Relaxation Vs. Physical Activity

Katherine Farbe  |  1/11/2014 12:50:43 AM

Brrrr…with the recent cold front sweeping in, there’s been a serious increase in my book reading, snuggling by the fire, lounging with my family, and drinking hot tea with honey - what a glorious time of year! However, in order to significantly increase these fun activities, something in my rigorous schedule had to decrease. Oops, sorry physical activity! So the focal point of this season needs to be balance because both relaxation and physical activity are necessities for your mental and physical well-being. I think we’ve got the relaxation part down pat but how about some ways to work back into the world of physical fitness!

Increasing physical activity close to home:

  • Jog in place during commercials when watching TV (limit screen time to 1 hour per day)
  • Exercise using a workout DVD or online video
  • Do stretches, stationary biking, or walking on a treadmill
  • Walk to local stores, coffee shops, or playgrounds
  • Go for a family walk around the neighborhood
  • Do some home gardening
  • Do some weight lifting (can use two equal weight cans if you don’t have weights)
  • Clean the house
  • Do squats, sit-ups, push-ups, and lunges
  • Walk the dog
  • Walk or jog laps around the sports fields when your children are at practice

Increasing physical activity at work:

  • Walk or jog during coffee break or lunch time
  • Do desk exercises
  • Join a gym nearby your office and exercise during breaks or before or after work
  • If possible, walk to your job or public transportation
  • Start or join an office exercise group (softball, volleyball, walking, etc.)

Increasing physical activity in your free time:

  • Walk, jog, skate, or cycle
  • Go for a family hike
  • Go for a family bike ride
  • Canoe, kayak, or row
  • Swim or do water aerobics
  • Play racquetball or tennis
  • Play soccer, basketball, softball, or baseball
  • Take dance classes
  • Take yoga or Pilates lessons
  • Take karate lessons
  • Play a pick-up game of volleyball
  • Join a team of any sort

Here are some additional things to keep in mind:

  • Don’t let cold weather be a deterrent; layer up and get out there! Wear hats, gloves, sweatshirts, and pants/leggings. You’ll find once you get moving, you’re not cold at all.
  • You want to try to move at least 10 minutes per exercise spurt. Try to make your spurts of exercise equal at least 30 minutes, but aim for 60 minutes daily.
  • Have fun! Physical activity should be fun so choose whatever it is that you enjoy doing that gets your body moving.


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