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Karen Stevens  |  7/7/2014 11:26:45 PM

EBRP Quench Your Thirst-S. Diaz

It is summertime and the temperature is rising. Are you looking to quench your thirst? Maybe you’ve already purchased your favorite beverage. If the beverage is high in calories and lacks nutritional value have you considered trying a new beverage? Try quenching your thirst with a beverage that has zero calories and can be refreshed just by adding a variety of fruit and even a vegetable. The flavor is keen and easily recognized. This beverage makes up 60% of your body weight and is vital to the functioning of your body. Every system in your body needs this beverage to regulate your body temperature, carry nutrients and remove toxins and waste. Yet, it’s the oldest beverage since the beginning of time. Have you guessed what the new beverage is? If not, it is WATER!!

Did you know calories consumed from beverages can quickly add up? Depending on your beverage of choice, 200 calories or more could easily be consumed - but if water is your favorite beverage of choice you have consumed zero calories. Think about the healthful impact - just by changing your beverage choice you’ve reduced calories. Reading the nutrition facts label on beverages is another great way to reduce calories. Remember the nutrition facts label is the key to opening the door of knowledge for individuals to make healthier lifestyle choices.

Meanwhile, not only is water calorie free, but it is easy on the family budget. Getting more water in your diet can be stress-free - just carry a water bottle with you wherever you go or drink water at each meal and between meals. If you are willing to follow these simple stress-free steps, you will consume the 8 cups or more of water your body needs each day.

Reference: www.choosemyplate.gov

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