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If you were a professional chef you would work hard to create a meal that not only looked great, but also tasted great. There are certain health benefits for plating your meal instead of having families serve buffet style. When plating your meal, portion control and balance of a variety of foods come into play.

Because we put a lot of detail into preparing our food, there are easier ways to create a healthier plate. We can create a healthier plate with texture and colors.

Planning and plating using MyPlate:

Make sure your plate includes the five food groups: vegetables, fruits, proteins, whole grains and dairy.

Vegetable/Fruits: A colorful option of vegetables and fruits should be in mind when creating your plate. Make sure to steam or lightly sauté the vegetables so that they can keep their color, appearance and texture.

Proteins: The meat or fish should be the size of your palm (3 oz.). Suggestions would be to place meat on skewers or cut into cubes for visual purposes. Garnish with fruit salsa, lemon slices or even cheese crumbles. This makes a beautiful presentation.

Grains: The final portion of your plate should include brown rice or a whole wheat tortilla. The presentation should include fresh chopped herbs, basil, parsley or cilantro. Beautiful dish.

Dairy: This group can be used in many different ways such as sauces, crumbles, sprinkles and even pureed to create a different texture on the plate.

Remember, spending hours to create a beautiful plate is not necessary, but presenting a plate of various colors, textures and even some creativity makes the food more enjoyable. You really don’t have to be a professional chef to make your guest feel special.


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