Fun at the Farmers Market

Do you want to have fun? Visit your local farmers market and see all the fun you can have learning about new foods. If there is a food that you cannot identify, ask the grower questions about the food so that he/she can explain what the food is, how it’s grown, how to cook it and what it should taste like.

The farmers market is also a good place for children to put math lessons to work. They can count and sort shapes and colors of the different fruits and vegetables. They can learn how to weigh fresh produce and figure out the cost based on price per pound.

The farmers market is a great place for taste testing new foods that are not normally served at home. Trying new foods can help families broaden their food choices. If there is a fruit or vegetable that tastes good, take it home and try it for the family and see how they react to trying a new fruit or vegetable.

Here are some questions that you can ask the farmers at the farmers market:

  • Is this a sweet or sour fruit or vegetable?
  • What is the growing time on this fruit or vegetable?
  • What month is it ripe to pick?
  • When will I know if the fruit or vegetable is ready to be picked?
  • How is a fruit or vegetable picked that is at the top of a tree?
  • Does it grow from a seed, flower, stem, leaf or root?

Are you ready to go to the farmers market with me? Let’s go!


8/14/2015 1:52:18 AM
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