Being Active at Any Size

Passion Mason  |  2/5/2014 8:54:39 PM

Assistant Extension Agent Passion Mason gives a presentation on physical fitness.

Physical fitness and health are vital at any age and body size. Larger people face several challenges when it comes to fitness and physical activity. There could be marked difficulty in accessing their full range of motion (bending or stretching). There may be difficulty finding exercise clothing and exercise equipment. You may even have some self-consciousness in relation to beginning an exercise routine or being physically active around other individuals (the “will they judge me?” moments); however, these are not good reasons to forgo being active. Facing challenges can be hard, but don’t lose heart because you can beat these challenges!

Before beginning any new workout regimens be sure to consult your physician. Activities such as swimming or exercising while sitting put less stress on your joints due to the fact that your legs are not supporting the weight of your body. Remember physical activity doesn’t have to be hard or boring to be good for you. Anything that gets you moving (walking, dancing, gardening, mowing the lawn, mopping your house), even if it’s only for a few short minutes a day, is a great start to getting more fit. If you commit to being physically active on a regular basis, your body will thank you. You will be making a difference towards your own health and well-being. Even if the activity level doesn’t prompt weight loss you will still have a lowered risk of getting many diseases, and if the physical activity does prompt weight loss you’ll get even more health benefits.

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